Welcome – and Happy Halloween to you! Just for visiting on this spooky day, you will receive two “treats” of sorts: sunshine in a bottle to use in your daily snippets and a bag of extra marbles in case you misplace (or are spooked out of) yours! First off, you should know that Halloween has never been a giant deal for me. Between growing up in the country (away from trick or treating towns) and being quite shy, Halloween was… Read more »

November Blog Challenge

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be taking part in my first ever blog challenge during the month of November! What’s a blog challenge, you ask? Every day I’ll be posting something new based on the list below! Get pumped up! It’s going to be great 🙂 November 1: One of the best lessons life has shown you November 2: Favorite inspiring quote November 3: 5 favorite blogs November 4: Write for 5 minutes on the prompt: Freedom November 5: Share a favorite… Read more »

Ashlee at Disney Land

If you were not aware – Disney is one of my favorite things. The Disney classics, Walt Disney World, Disney Land, the music and let’s not forget our dear friend, Mickey Mouse! All of these things were a large part of my childhood, and I’m not ashamed to say, a large part of my life today. All things Disney started with one dream: Walt Disney’s dream of a mouse. Although Walt had this dream, he had to face all sorts… Read more »

To Do List Clip Art

This is not meant to be a pessimistic post. Simply an optimistic outlook on planning versus goal setting and the dangers of what I would like to call obsessive planning. For example, I find myself quite often making to-do lists that include when I will take care of all the things I’m tasked with…sometimes the act of planning out what I will do and when I will do it takes more time than actually completing the tasks. Scary, right? There was… Read more »

Burger with Bacon, Pimento Cheese and Chips

Craving a delicious burger? What about a burger impossible to take a bite of? If so, this is what you are looking for!What You’ll Need: Burger buns Ground Beef, 1 lb. will make 3 patties 1 sweet onion Plain Ruffles chips, crushed Seasoning: Parsley, Oregano, Basil, Garlic, Pepper Spinach, or a leafy green of your choosing Tomato, sliced Pimento Cheese Spread Bacon Directions: Fry the bacon, add a third of the onions, finely chopped. Mix ground beef, rest of finely… Read more »

Sitting Hand Drawn Clip art

Read my very own poem on the dangers of sitting too much below! Then go check out Just Stand and learn more! This week, I challenge each and every one of you to find ways to spend more of your day standing! Sitting Kills You wake up in bed, It’s killing you. At breakfast, It’s killing you. You work at a desk, It’s killing you. You drive to and from work, It’s killing you. You read a book, It’s killing you. You… Read more »

Skillet Eggs

Looking for a good breakfast idea? Try out my second skillet classic – baked eggs! Ingredients: 2 cups Chopped Asparagus 2 cups Spinach 1 Bell Pepper, chopped 5 eggs Herbes de Provence, to taste 0.75 cup Cheese, Triple Cheddar (or your favorite!) 2 cups Mushrooms Directions: Preheat oven to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit Heat up skillet to medium heat Place a small amount of oil/butter in the skillet and allow to melt (1 tbsp should be sufficient) Place mushrooms in skillet… Read more »

Give Me the Simple Life, Little Ashlee

   The other day, I wrote about how excited I am to travel to Europe with only a single carry on – only the bare necessities. You may be wondering how, in a world of (numerous) things we live in, I’m so interested in a minimalist lifestyle. Let me explain… Ever since I was young, I’ve been somewhat of an organized pack rat (oxymoron of the year?). That homework from high school American History, my stamp collection from middle school,… Read more »

Eiffel Tower Clip Art

It has been a while since I last updated y’all on how the planning for Europe is coming together. To say the least – it is a lot of work! A few weeks ago, my other half, Max, and I spent the better part of a Sunday on booking housing and transportation as well as planning our itinerary. Now with our Europe adventure about 60 days away – the excitement is building! We have decided to visit (mainly) London, Paris,… Read more »

Ham Gnochii

Yesterday I tried my first-ever cast iron skillet meal – Ham Gnocchi. Super yummy! After craving ham, I did a search for skillet meals and gnocchi intrigued me, so with the help of multiple Pinterest searches, I put together the recipe below. Ingredients: 0.75 of a large red onion, diced 12-16 oz of baby diced ham 1 lb. package of gnocchi (potato), thawed 1 tbsp. butter 0.75 c. water 0.75 c. chicken broth 1.5+ c. frozen peas 0.5 c. heavy cream 1.25 c…. Read more »

Smiley Face Clip Art

This past Friday, I was in mile three of four of my daily run and I was struggling. My breathing was off and I was cramping – I was about to slow to walk… However, another runner came towards me and stuck out her hand and with a big smile said “keep it up!” It really is the little things, because immediately my cramps disappeared and my breathing leveled out and I was actually smiling as I felt my pace… Read more »