When I first heard about the terrorist attacks in Paris, my other half and I were on a train, in the mountains, somewhere between Venice and Rome. We were both shocked. Prior to flying to Europe, of course, it crossed my mind…what happens if something really bad happens abroad. What happens if there’s a terrorist attack? Or if there is some sort of world wide attack? And even on a smaller level – I was terrified of losing my passport… Read more »

Paris Ashlee Image

Moving on to Paris, we took a high-speed train under the English Channel and were to Paris before we could catch a few winks. Just a note on high-speed trains…they don’t feel high speed! It was raining in Paris upon our arrival and I remember being semi-lost, wet and wishing that there was a little less dirt, grim and doggy do-do on the ground so I could roll my suitcase to our AirBnB. Of course, what fun would it be… Read more »

Big Ben at Night Image

After an eight hour flight to London Heathrow Airport, we hopped onto a tram (with Oyster Cards in hand) and spent around 45 minutes traveling to Leicester Square. This is where we picked up our London Passes, grabbed a much needed cup of coffee and took in our first few sights of the city. One, I very much remember, was a vending machine with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Although it may be a “thing” in the States, I have… Read more »

London in the Daytime

All I can say is wow. I honestly cannot believe that I have just (within the last few days) returned to the States after a month in Europe. My other half and I traveled to five main locations. These included London, Paris, all over Belgium, Berlin, Venice and finally Rome. We walked around 10 miles a day – by the end of our trip, our Fitbit Ones had tracked well over a half a million steps for each of us!… Read more »