Technology has the power to be the greatest thing on earth. It also has the power to create “a mindless life” – only if we let it though! I recently watched the Ted Talk above and it reinforced my concerns with technology. If you don’t know I’m studying Computer Science to become a software engineer so i have a deep admiration for the beautiful wonders technology has brought our world. Whether it’s saving lives in hospitals, researching cures for heart… Read more »

Berlin Wall and Ashlee Image

As those of you who follow my blog may already know – Berlin had some scary moments. Mainly upon arrival. My other half and I arrived late at night in Berlin and had to travel by the train for approximately 45 minutes to the train station local to our AirBnb. The distance between the train station and our AirBnb was only about a ten minute walk – but after dark, not knowing the language…well, it was slightly disturbing. The first… Read more »

You might be wondering, why, out of nowhere…for the first time in just under two months – I FINALLY posted again to My Life In Snippets. Where have I been? Well, I’ll tell you. This last semester of college has been a real doozy! I’m not complaining, of course. With my Senior Design course, work and my other courses – I have just been swamped enough to put My Life in Snippets on hold. Train of thought for the past… Read more »

Belgium Map Image

After spending almost 12 days as a traveling duo, my other half and I finally arrived in his home country – Belgium! Upon arrival we hopped straight onto a train headed for Rhode-Saint-Genèse. This is home to his Uncle, Aunt and some of his cousins (his Grandmother was also there for the holidays). As it was Christmas time, we were both thrilled to see family and catch our breath after the whirlwind in London and Paris. The first night we enjoyed dinner… Read more »