Well, I’m officially no longer a resident of Michigan. Although the Great Lakes and many of those I love and care about are there, I have relocated to the big-little city of Louisville, Kentucky. It is here I will start my full time career, as well as my after-college life adventures. As we packed up this little Uhaul on Sunday, I wondered how it was possible that all of our belongings (furniture and all) fit into this box-y truck. At… Read more »

A few of my followers have asked that I post my speech from my graduation two weeks ago – so, enjoy! “Good morning. How’s everyone doing today? I can’t speak for family, friends and faculty – but as a graduate, I am experiencing a mix of emotions: I feel bittersweet, happy, and filled with fear and wonder regarding the next door in life that I am opening today. Although I may know a few things that lie behind this door,… Read more »

Me at Fort Lauderdale Florida Image

This past week, my other half and I traveled to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We were in search of a place where we could simply relax and recooperate from our college years and where we could mentally prepare for our coming careers and plans. We wanted a stress free, warm week at the beach. For me, this meant lounging at the pool while enjoying a good book, beach-side naps and a good run every day. I certainly got what I was… Read more »

Graduation Day Image

This past Sunday, I became a Michigan State University, College of Engineering, Undergraduate Alum. Has it sank in? Not even a little bit. It was a crazy day… It all started with a breakfast for all Computer Science students, their families and friends. At this breakfast, I had the honor of speaking to my peers, their families and the faculty that has helped me each day of college to get through it all. Although I may share my speech with… Read more »

Venice Ashlee Image

Arriving in Venice was a beautiful thing. After seeing the Swiss Alps from the sky and a very bumpy landing we reached the bus station where we purchased our bus ticket to get to the main island of Venice where we would be staying. Making it to the train station of the island showed us our first bit of beauty this island offers. As I write this, I know that the word “beautiful” does not do even the smallest part… Read more »