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Yes. If you’ve noticed, any post regarding fitness discusses my love of running. And yes, I love to run. However, running doesn’t work (for me) if I don’t keep my core strength in tact. Therefore, today I’ll be sharing one of my strength workouts I do daily! If you’re wondering where it came from…it’s honestly a combination of my favorite and least favorite moves I’ve come across! Instructions: Note that I do this workout twice through and it takes me… Read more »

I’ve been reminiscing through all the recipes and meals I’ve posted about on the blog and decided that today, I would share a list of my top ten favorite food posts! Be sure to check them out 🙂 French Toast Salted Dark Chocolate Cupcakes  Monster Cookies Cinnamon Rolls  Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups Ice Cream Espresso Caramel Cake Burgers Frittata  Honey Cloud Pancakes Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

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For my book lovers out there, do you ever feel as though you’ll never make it through that stack of books? Or do you ever buy books, even though you have plenty yet to get through…because, well, the book sounds delicious?! I do… I’m guilty as charged! In fact, several weeks ago, I was so fed up with the list of over 50 books in my “to-read” queue, that I made a promise to myself to STOP finding new books… Read more »

Me at Lake Michigan

Growing up is an odd thing… as a child, you long for it – to be an adult, to be free and able to do what you want. And you want it even when all of the adults around you say you shouldn’t… Come to think of it, this is probably WHY we want to grow old. Silly rebellious – and stubborn – creatures we are. My other half and I decided to make a trip up to Holland, MI… Read more »

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And we’re back with round six (and seven) of questions! That’s right folks, get ready for double the insight, intrigue and overall fun 🙂   1. Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones? Of course, the questions are just getting tougher and tougher, eh? Talk of losing memories reminds me of “The Giver.” I’d hate to live in a place where my memories were controlled… anyway… So, here’s my logic… Read more »

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Well, here I am again – at the beginning of another week. It’s hot here in Louisville, although, I know it could be worse. WAY worse. I thought I’d give a little life update, as a small bout of writers block has me more confused and lost than ever on what to write to all of you out there. So, what brought on this bout? The most likely culprit is pressure. I feel it. A lot of it. Of course,… Read more »

Beating the Heat -- Courtesy Upsplash

Here we are at the fourth and final post for the My Life In Snippets Beating the Heat Summer Series! Although I didn’t receive new ideas – I have seen a lot of support for this series, of which, I, of course, appreciate very much! 🙂 I have a few more ideas of how you can stay cool during the summer heat! Sunglasses are in style – wear them! Protect your eyes from the sun – it’s way less painful!… Read more »

Beating the Heat -- Courtesy Upsplash

Here we are with Foodie Friday tailored to the Beating the Heat Summer Series here at My Life In Snippets. Eating the right foods in the summer is vital to staying cool. During the late fall and winter time, my stomach frequently longs for comfort foods like baked potatoes, soups and heavy meals. However, in the summer time, it’s better to keep meals light and on the cool side. I posted in a prior piece that during the summer you… Read more »

Beating the Heat -- Courtesy Upsplash

Hey! I’m back with round two of tips to beat the summer heat! Dresses and light-colored clothing! Clothing made from material meant to wick away sweat is not just for the athletes – it’s meant to help you stay cool as well! Wear a wet bandana 🙂 – You may think I’m crazy but keeping a cool cloth on your neck or forehead while out in the summer heat yields relief necessary to staying cool and keeping happy! Cold Showers,… Read more »

Beating the Heat -- Courtesy Upsplash

Phew! It’s August, and I’ve always been told that August is by far the hottest month of the year. (Maybe it’s because everyone is just so sick of the heat…). So, I’ve decided to share some tips throughout this week (for a total of four posts) regarding how to stay cool.   Water – drink up! Lately, I’ve been making more of an effort to stay hydrated. And yes, that means more than 8 glasses of water a day. I’ve… Read more »

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Here we are halfway through the questions with Round Five! Be sure to check out Round One, Round Two, Round Three and Round Four! 1. Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton? A joyful genius? 😉 No, this question is interesting in that I’d like to be intelligent and logical – but could do without the constant worries… Granted, I am a worrier…yet, also optimistic. I suppose if I must choose, I’d prefer the joyful simpleton… Read more »

Picture of "The Loss of My Pearl" Poem

In eighth grade writing (September of 2006), I wrote “The Loss of My Pearl!” Abalone is my name, and I have a problem. Barren is my shell, gone is my mother of pearl. Chine haven’t got one so I can’t go lookin! Deceased is the way I feel! Esteem, self-esteem that is isn’t as high, as normal. Fraud, the mysterious loss of my pearl. Glimpsed at the sun this morning from the ocean’s water. Harmony is what I felt! Immersed… Read more »