Reader Survey for MLIS - 2016

Hi All!

I’m excited to release My Life In Snippet’s VERY FIRST 2016 Reader Survey! This past year, I went all over the place with my blog topics and in order to grow my blog this year, I would like YOUR help!

My Life In Snippet’s is a place for you to find knowledge. It’s a place where I hope to make you smile, bring you hope or peace and maybe even a little laughter.

2016 Reader Survey

Please, please, please do one of the following…

Option#1: Fill out the survey, right here, right now 🙂


Option#2: Go to this link to fill out the survey if Option#1 is not working 🙂

The survey will be open till January 15, so be sure to share your thoughts about My Life In Snippets!

If you’re a fellow blogger and you share a link to your blog when you fill out the survey, I will be sure to give your corner of the internet some love!

Words literally cannot describe my gratitude for your time 🙂

Thank you! Thank you!

  • I hope you get lots of responses to your survey!

  • Surveys are such a great way to gauge what your audience is thinking and what they want! Like Rachel said, I hope you get great results that will help you plan for your blog’s future (:

  • I hope your results prove to be helpful, Ashlee!!