Fitbit Logo
If you didn’t know, I’m the proud owner of a Fitbit One. I love it.

So, what is it? Fitbit is a company that produces fitness trackers and devices. I’ve had my Fitbit One for a little over a year, and prior to that I had the Fitbit Force for a while. The Force has been discontinued do to a rash/burn it produced on very few people (myself included). That’s okay, though as they have an entirely new set of products that no longer has this fault.
My Fitbit One, tracks the steps I take, the number of flights I climb and the number of daily minutes I’m active. It will also track my sleep. There are features of the Fitbit One that I currently do not use. For example, the Fitbit can keep track of caloric intake.
In addition, I can add friends to my social presence on Fitbit and compete for the most amount of steps each week. It’s a great motivator to get up, away from the computer and moving.

Fitbit is, in my opinion, number one in the long list of available fitness trackers out there. However, I would have to say that it works best for my activity monitoring. When I go for a run, I tend to trust my Garmin Heart Rate monitor and my other half’s Garmin GPS watch for higher accuracy and more details that the Fitbit One can measure.

There are currently other Fitbit’s available: Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Charge (and Charge HR), as well as the Fitbit Surge. These are all in the form of a wrist watch and although I do believe they are fairly accurate, I know that I personally move my hands too much and my step count would certainly be inaccurate.

Another great thing about the Fitbit One is that although it cannot be submerged in water or even put in the shower, if you forget to take it off your clothing before washing it, it’s alright! Mine has made it through the wash, twice now! 😛

If you’re at all interested in getting a Fitbit One, or a Fitbit product, don’t hesitate! It really will get you stepping!

Do you wear a fitness tracker? If so, what kind? How does it motivate you?