All I can say is wow. I honestly cannot believe that I have just (within the last few days) returned to the States after a month in Europe. My other half and I traveled to five main locations. These included London, Paris, all over Belgium, Berlin, Venice and finally Rome.
We walked around 10 miles a day – by the end of our trip, our Fitbit Ones had tracked well over a half a million steps for each of us!

We saw more than I can describe with words.  As my Mom stated upon my return, I was taking so many pictures, it was truly clear that I just was not able to capture every last detail. Cameras are faulty in that pictures just don’t do the sights justice.

Upon my return, I had less than 24 hours to return home and then make the drive back to school and attend my first class of my last semester of my undergraduate career. Even after my second day, my to-do list is growing. I know that this semester will be a challenge – but I’m ready for it. I’m excited for it and what it will bring. In addition, I am hopeful that it does not bring with it a coffee addiction 😉

I have so much planned for 2015 and of course, keeping my blog running is high on my list of priorities. Patience will be required of my readers though, for I fear my posts may not be as frequent as last semester. In the coming weeks, I have plans to write about Europe, what I learned there and my hopes and dreams for 2015. So stay tuned! 🙂

I hope that each of you are having a fabulous start to your 2015 and that the year to come is filled with sunshine, learning, good health and all sorts of wonderful experiences.