Beating the Heat -- Courtesy Upsplash

Here we are with Foodie Friday tailored to the Beating the Heat Summer Series here at My Life In Snippets.

Eating the right foods in the summer is vital to staying cool. During the late fall and winter time, my stomach frequently longs for comfort foods like baked potatoes, soups and heavy meals. However, in the summer time, it’s better to keep meals light and on the cool side. I posted in a prior piece that during the summer you should avoid using the oven – maybe the stove or a grill – but not the oven. In addition, although grilling out is good and having burgers with bacon and cheese and all sorts of other toppings might sound delicious – this meal likely won’t feel refreshing – nor will it do anything for your body temperature.

Today I want to share a few foods that I think will help keep you cool this summer!

  1. Salads – lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach. Salads are typically (when keeping the dressing and meat to a minimum) are quite light, healthy and a great summer option.
  2. Smoothies! My other half and I have found that a smoothie – along with a few meats, cheeses and crackers – is plenty sufficient for a meal at the end of our day. There are a ton of smoothie recipes out there, but we tend to keep it simple by using frozen berry mixes or strawberry’s and mangoes and a little water. Unlike keeping cool with ice cream, the straight fruit does not dehydrate you like the sugars in ice cream.
  3. Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon! SO good. And, you’re basically drinking water. A quarter of a watermelon is plenty filling for a poolside snack.
  4. Spices…now although spicy food and I do not get along, research states that adding touches of spice to your summer meals can help to keep you cool.
  5. Popsicles, Ice Cream and Pudding…these three will taste good and keep you cool – but their sugars will likely dehydrate you! Be sure to drink up if you want to enjoy these 🙂


So what are your favorite foods for summer time? Any good recipes? Be sure to share them or post your links in the comments below and I’ll share them on my final post of the My Life In Snippets Beat the Heat Summer Series! 🙂 Stay tuned!!

  • Abby

    Great tips! I love homemade strawberry lemonade in the summer. It’s not healthy, but it’s so refreshing!

    • Strawberry lemonade is fabulous, you’re very right 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Abby!