Family Birthday Celebration 5

Birthdays have never been crazy important in my opinion. Sure maybe a nice dinner and a dessert of sorts – a family get together…but never anything crazy.

Today, I’m going to go ahead and share some of my favorite birthday memories.

Family Birthday Celebration 2 Family Birthday Celebration 4

1. One year…no idea which one, as I was so young. We traveled to my Aunts house for my birthday. She always seemed to be able to bake the most delicious bread. For this special occasion, she baked my name in bread letters! It was the coolest. In addition, this birthday I had a sucker cake. Picture a half sphere of Styrofoam with at least 50 suckers stuck all over it. So good. Especially because, silly me, I’m not the biggest fan of traditional cake…. but more on that in a while.

Family Birthday Celebration 1

2. Of course…one year I had a birthday party with friends.  It was prior to third grade so I don’t remember much of the day. But the pictures show happiness!

Family Birthday Celebration 6

2. For my 20th birthday,  I raised money for the American Heart Association’s Lansing Heart Walk. Got to walk with friends and family! It was a very feel-good kind of day. 🙂

3. My 21st birthday was study-filled. Kind of. 😉 I certainly didn’t go crazy as it was the middle of mid-terms. My friends and I had a celebratory drink early in the day and then I went off to work. That evening, my other half took me out for my first drink out. This was our first date, so of course the day will remain forever special.

Family Birthday Celebration 7

This year…yes, today is my 23rd, I was able to celebrate with family this past weekend. Mom made the food and sister made the most delicious pudding cake (again with my love for non-standard cakes). My birthday is simply consisting of work and a dinner of some sort with my other half. It’ll be just what I’m looking for this year.

But, so…guess what he got for me? The opportunity to sky dive. That’s right! This weekend I’ll be jumping out of a plane. The butterflies are real…but I’m beyond thrilled – some of the best gifts are experiences 🙂

Family Birthday Celebration 8

As another year comes and goes this year, I’m. …well, I’m grateful to be alive. We live in a really scary world and there have been an outrageous number of situations resulting in death (like this past week in Oregon). I’m grateful for my years here on Earth and I pray that this violence stops…because at the end of the day, we are all individuals, just trying to live life…and we shouldn’t have that taken away any sooner than the Big Man upstairs wants us to.

To all my October 6th birthday buddies, enjoy your day and to everyone out there, here’s to wishing for peace and happiness in your hearts and minds.

  • Abby

    Happy Birthday! You share a birthday with my dad, who is one of the coolest guys I know!

    • Thank you, Abby! And many birthday wishes for sunshine and happiness to your Dad on his special day! 🙂