Things I Spend My Money On

Welcome back to week three of the 52 Week Blog Challenge! Today we are going to take a look at things I spend my money on. Essentials Food Rent Utilities Gas Insurance Donations/Giving Back My Life In Snippets   Everything Else Television < If football wasn’t a thing, this expense wouldn’t be on my list 😉 Amazon Prime Netflix Travel/Entertainment/Experiences Clothing/Shoes Books < This is a problem. As of the new year, I’ve forbid myself from all book purchases until… Read more »

52 Week Blog Challenge -- Week Three Strengths and Weaknesses

Welcome back to week three of the 52 Week Blog Challenge! Today we are going to take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of yours truly. Do you ever feel like weaknesses are simpler to come up with when your assessing yourself? Or do you ever look at a weakness and then find ways to twist it into a strength? Or vice versa? I do too 😉 So, on that note, I’m going to start with two weaknesses, move… Read more »

52 Week Blog Challenge -- Week 2: Behind the Scenes

Welcome back to week two of the 52 Week Blog Challenge! Today we are going behind the scenes for a look at what life is like for me, the blogger. I’ve mentioned before that I have a full-time job, that’s NOT blogging. I’m an Applications Engineer. Soooo…basically this means that I’m constantly looking at the screen 😉 I’m not complaining!! My job allows me to explore creativity in one area, while blogging allows me to use a different part of… Read more »

52 Week Blog Challenge - Week One: Meet the Blogger

Hiya! Today, at MLIS, is the launch of a year-long weekly blog challenge (A big thanks to Sarah over at Sarah Emily Blogs for starting this!). Each Wednesday, I’ll be posting the answer to the prompt of the week. In case you’re interested in joining in on the blog challenge fun this 2016, here are the weekly prompts. Week One — Meet the Blogger Yep. That’s me 🙂 Although some of you have been following My Life In Snippets since… Read more »

Image for Christmas Favorites

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not much into the world of fashion – but I’d like to think that i have some sense of style. 😉 Point is, I’m certainly not known for OOTD posts (Outfit of the day) or posts on what I’m wearing for Fall. So, this post will be fun! Today, I’ll be sharing some of my signature pieces and how they work together to create my sense of style. Boots  Brown Boot Heels Rain Boots Classic… Read more »

This question sits very close to home and honestly, I have to sit myself on the fence. Yes, Technology Technology is powerful. Powerfully awesome! It’s literally everywhere. Smartphones, Computers, calculators, Printers, video games, televisions, WiFi routers, Stereo Systems, Cars, need I continue?! Technology brings to us social media which creates ease of communication in long distances with family and friends. Technology brings to us advanced medicine that extends the lives for patients with pain or illness. Medically, it also provides… Read more »

Yes, that’s right. The last thing I crossed off my bucket list was tandem skydiving. Here’s what happened… Before, Before… It all started with my birthday. Actually, it started about five weeks prior to my birthday. I was on a run with my other half and we started talking about making plans for my birthday. He asked me what I wanted – and I said, well instead of something, I instead wanted an experience of some sort. In my head,… Read more »

Screen shot of 7 day New England Trip Adventure

Today’s blog prompt is to plan a seven day vacation where I can do anything I want – and have unlimited money to go with it 😀 Sounds fun, right? The other piece of this challenge is that it has to be reasonable (i.e. I should account for travel time and such!). Basically, at the end of it, I should be able to say hey, if I raise X amount of money I could actually go on this seven day… Read more »

Stars Courtesy of Unsplash

Today, I’m sharing my favorite piece of nature. This topic poses quite a puzzle for my mind. I love the color of the leaves as they turn in the early Autumn months. I adore thunderstorms, warm rain and the wind blowing chimes and the branches of trees. I grew up with nature and I feel incredibly close to it. However, my answer is… Stars. I could literally stand up and look at the stars for an entire night. I grew… Read more »

dinner table courtesy of Unsplash

Today I will plan a dinner for ten – dead or alive. Explain why the ten are invited and share what dinner will be served! Invite List 1. Myself, of course. This one, I believe to be self explanatory! 😉 2. Alan Alda – Alan is a writer, director and loved actor. He is currently living. I adore him most for his starring role in the TV Series, M*A*S*H (a series about a Mobile Army Surgical hospital during the Korean… Read more »

Funny Dinosaur Courtesy of Pinterest

Humor! What a joke! But really, I enjoy laughing. Anyone from grade school through high school could tell you times of me literally rolling on the floor in laughter. Picture the old man laughing in Mary Poppins. I grew out of that…and hardly find myself falling on the floor in laughter anymore. Although I do laugh pretty hard at times – to the point of happy tears streaming down my face (such a good feeling). Humor has also turned into… Read more »

Michigan State University Seal Courtesy of Google Images

I started in a class of, I believe, 18 kids at St. Joseph Academy in Adrian, Michigan. It was here that I met, Olivia. A dear friend who I still keep in touch with. We were inseparable for several years. It was here that I also recited The Children’s Hour by memory, was an active member of the Siena Heights University choir and where I learned to love going to the library and artwork. In fourth grade, I moved onto… Read more »