I have far too many fond memories of chats and interactions with teachers as a high schooler to be able to choose just one. You have to understand that during the course of high school (secretly still today), I was a bit of a nerd. Okay, quite a big nerd. And for some reason, I felt closer to many of my teachers than any of my peers.One of my high school teachers was challenging and put my writing and reading to… Read more »


My prompt for today is to write down 20 things I’m thankful for. Of course, this post comes just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday coming up in a few days! Family Max Friends Health Resources: Food, Water, a Roof over my head I’m thankful for my faith – as it is truly what keeps me going. Sleep (as it seems to disappear during the weeks leading into finals and such) Busy-ness: Honestly, I’m thankful for being as busy as… Read more »


 This is probably one of the coolest prompts for the November Blog Challenge. A reverse bucket list, if you don’t know, is just a compilation of awesome things you’ve done – things you’ve already crossed off your bucket list. It really gives me satisfaction to look at the list below – so much so that I encourage you to make a list of all that you’ve accomplished. If you’re like me (a student), it’s finals time and it can be… Read more »


Below are my top ten travel destinations. Some I’ve been to and others are on my to-do list. Lake Michigan: From Holland to Saugatuck to Manistee – I love the cities along Lake Michigan. More importantly, I love the lake in general – so many fond memories there growing up! Rancho Palos Verdes, CA: I had the privilege of staying at the Terranea Resort on the coast of California a few years ago. I doubt I could ever forget the… Read more »

Wordcloud about Uniqueness

One of my eyes is smaller than the other. Why? I have no idea. But life goes on 🙂 I became an Aunt in Fifth grade when my nephew, Kodi, came along. Working to be a role model to him (at such a young age) taught me a great deal. I dislike roller coasters. Growing up I never enjoyed going to Cedar Point and other such locations. Although, if there’s a water park around – get me a tube and… Read more »

Beach Boys Endless Summer Album Cover

What: Beach Boys Concert Where: Lenawee County Fairgrounds When: I believe it was in 2006. Who: Mom, Dad and I Why: For fun! As much of a fan of music as I am – concerts were never really my thing. In fact, the first concert I went to was at our local county fair with the Beach Boys. It was neat! My favorite part was being able to sing along and dance to the songs which I had grown up on.

As it is turning into Midnight faster than I’d like, this will potentially be the shortest post of my blogging career (I spy a challenge?). I love kids – so it makes logical sense that my first job was a babysitter. Although this job was hardly a consistent way to earn money. It was more likely that I’d babysit little ones for free – because I simply enjoyed it so much. Or better yet, because they were family. So why… Read more »

Ashlee drew a Smiley face.

Today my prompt for the November Blog Challenge is to write about the “happiest moment in my life.” Now my goal is not to evade the question…but I have been blessed enough to have a very happy life (overall). Of course, there have been times when things were not going my way, or when bad things have happened – but all in all… I’m lucky and quite thankful. To think that I could simply pick one event is (for lack… Read more »

Please note…I’m deviating from the November Blog Challenge prompt today to write about the wonderful upcoming holiday season we have in store! Hope y’all don’t mind. 🙂 If you haven’t noticed, Christmas (and the rest of the Holiday season) is quickly approaching. First, there’s Thanksgiving and then…well you know, December 25 comes along quicker than I can whistle Jingle Bells. The Holiday season, in general, is one of my favorite times of the year – for many reasons, which of… Read more »

Cool Story Bro Image

Today (November 14, 2014), I was tasked with taking ten pictures at 10 after the hour. Enjoy my pictorial representation of my Friday! After work this morning, I put on my boots to face the cold journey to Spanish! Getting comfy! Biometrics Homework & Finals Studies Cleaning a lot of junk off my laptop! Spent Friday night watching the Caine Mutiny with my parents! Spanish Class lasted approximately 20 minutes 😀 It’s snowing at home 🙂 Preparing future blogs 🙂… Read more »

Home Is Where The heart is

I spent the summer at an internship in Louisville, Kentucky and loved it. Now you might think…well, that’s fairly common. 21 year old goes off to get a taste of the real world and enjoys herself (away from school, family, etc.). There’s one catch with this thought process, I’m not that girl. I enjoy my family and being home – in fact, I struggled very much to leave! Not only did I move five hours away from home – I… Read more »