Inside Out Movie Cover

*This post may contain SPOILERS* So, yesterday – my other half and I decided to go and see Inside Out. You might be thinking, oh that’s that kid movie…I’m here to tell you that Inside Out is for kids AND for adults. The creators at Disney and Pixar did an absolutely fabulous job making this movie – oh and the actors (voices) – on point. So, what made us go? Well, it opened at approximately $91.1 million – making it… Read more »

Ashlee at Disney Land

If you were not aware – Disney is one of my favorite things. The Disney classics, Walt Disney World, Disney Land, the music and let’s not forget our dear friend, Mickey Mouse! All of these things were a large part of my childhood, and I’m not ashamed to say, a large part of my life today. All things Disney started with one dream: Walt Disney’s dream of a mouse. Although Walt had this dream, he had to face all sorts… Read more »

Give Me the Simple Life, Little Ashlee

   The other day, I wrote about how excited I am to travel to Europe with only a single carry on – only the bare necessities. You may be wondering how, in a world of (numerous) things we live in, I’m so interested in a minimalist lifestyle. Let me explain… Ever since I was young, I’ve been somewhat of an organized pack rat (oxymoron of the year?). That homework from high school American History, my stamp collection from middle school,… Read more »