Today was the day!! The seventh episode of Star Wars (The Force Awakens) came out today and I’m beyond excited! If you follow my Weekly Roundup and Reflections, you know that myself and some of my friends have been gathering for the last few weeks to watch all the episodes! In honor of this great day, I’ve decided to share a number of my Star Wars Favorites.   Star Wars – Trailers   Episode 1 – The Phantom… Read more »

Opperation Petticoat Movie Cover Courtesy of Google Images

Today’s topic? Movies! Classic movies! If you keep up with My Life In Snippets, you know that I feel (along with many others) that I came from another era… In fact, my sister has said before that I’m a mix of 25 and 95 – an old soul. I grew up listening to music that my parents loved as young-in’s (back in the fifties and early sixties). The movies I watched were all based during this era – or back… Read more »

Inside Out Movie Cover

*This post may contain SPOILERS* So, yesterday – my other half and I decided to go and see Inside Out. You might be thinking, oh that’s that kid movie…I’m here to tell you that Inside Out is for kids AND for adults. The creators at Disney and Pixar did an absolutely fabulous job making this movie – oh and the actors (voices) – on point. So, what made us go? Well, it opened at approximately $91.1 million – making it… Read more »

Map of Salzburg Austria

Magically, life has been placed “on hold.” I have the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world and live with a family for an entire year. Where do I choose to go? Salzburg, Austria. Why? You might think, well she must know German (the official Language) or maybe her ancestors originated there. Maybe, she knows more about the place aside from its name. If you thought any of the above… well you would be wrong. As foolish as it may… Read more »