Beach Boys Endless Summer Album Cover

What: Beach Boys Concert Where: Lenawee County Fairgrounds When: I believe it was in 2006. Who: Mom, Dad and I Why: For fun! As much of a fan of music as I am – concerts were never really my thing. In fact, the first concert I went to was at our local county fair with the Beach Boys. It was neat! My favorite part was being able to sing along and dance to the songs which I had grown up on.

For today’s blog post, I am tasked to share the three albums I would take with me on a deserted island. Here we go… 1. Christmas by Michael Bublé :: for celebration of my favorite time of the year. 2. My Way: The Best of Frank Sinatra :: because, Frank is simply classic. 3. The Greatest Hits by the Beach Boys :: for running and fun in the sun! You may wonder where my “Top 40” music is, but honestly,… Read more »

Map of Salzburg Austria

Magically, life has been placed “on hold.” I have the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world and live with a family for an entire year. Where do I choose to go? Salzburg, Austria. Why? You might think, well she must know German (the official Language) or maybe her ancestors originated there. Maybe, she knows more about the place aside from its name. If you thought any of the above… well you would be wrong. As foolish as it may… Read more »