Ever had Lofthouse Sugar Cookies? Yeah, me too. Yum 🙂 I’ve been making sugar cookies for several years now, and I have NEVER been able to make a batch so soft and yummy as the ones I made last weekend. [See photos below for a good drooling] 😉 The cookies themselves are NOT very sugary. They are soft, and have a slight sweetness to them. However, then add the frosting on top, and you have a sensationally sugary burst of… Read more »

MLIS Christmas Dinner Party

Hiya, friends! Yesterday, my other half and I worked together (along with help from some of his family) to put together a dinner party. Well, it was really an afternoon of eating, drinking and being merry (what else at Christmas time!). I’d like to share the recipes we used, along with pictures of this cooking event! 🙂 Stuffed Mushrooms Ingredients: 12 medium mushrooms 6 oz clams (drained & finely minced, sav 1/4 cup of clam juice for stuffing) 1 green… Read more »

Completed Cupcakes

  This summer, I have the honor of working with and advising a group of IT Interns (in the same place as I was last summer). I’ve made a few treats for them throughout the summer – because, well, I love baking 🙂 So, when one of them requested something chocolatey – I didn’t know what to make… My other half suggested cake…and that idea led me to finding cupcake recipes – specifically this one for Salted Dark Chocolate Cupcakes…. Read more »

Image of Espresso Caramel Ice Cream Cake

Two weeks ago was my other half’s birthday. His love of coffee, espresso and all things caffeine inspired me to search for an ice cream cake recipe last summer for his last birthday. The cake was such a hit he asked for it again this year. Of course, after making something once, you typically find some adjustments that work better for you! I’d like to thank Martha Stewart’s site for the original recipe for this cake – although I have… Read more »

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Image

Happy Friday, everyone! And welcome to the first of hopefully many Foodie Friday’s! Each Friday I plan to share a recipe of my own (or one that I’ve come across) to all of you! This week, I combined two of my favorite breakfast foods into one to make Cinnamon Roll Pancakes! Ingredients: Pancakes… 1 c. Flour 2 tsp. Baking Powder 1 c. Milk 1 tbsp. Butter 2 tsp. Vanilla 1 Egg Filling… 0.5 c. Melted Butter 1.25 c. Brown Sugar… Read more »

Snickerdoodle Cookie Image

Snickerdoodle cookies are by far one of my favorites. The smell of baking sugar and cinnamon brings to me a bliss – a “Heaven” you might say. Not to mention…they are one of the simplest cookies to make. Below is my very own recipe – it’s pretty standard (I’ve adjusted it over trying numerous different recipes). Please note that this recipe only makes about two dozen cookies. Ingredients:  ** Cookie ** 1.25 cups Flour 1.25 tsp Baking Powder 0.5 tsp… Read more »

Monster cookies turn every cookie-loving individual into a Cookie Monster. Check out the best Monster Cookie recipe below! Ingredients: 0.5 cup butter (room temperature) 0.5 cup brown sugar 0.25 cup white sugar 0.75 cup creamy peanut butter 1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla 0.5 teaspoon baking soda 1.25 cups all purpose flour 0.5 cup quick cooking oats 1.5 cup m&ms 0.5 cup chocolate chips 0.5 peanut butter chips Recipe: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Combine the butter, brown and white… Read more »