The Blogging Elite Christmas Box Swap - What Was In The Box

Hiya! With the Holiday season finally past, I am excited to finally share this fun experience I had at the end of last year 🙂 At the beginning of November, I, along with several other bloggers partnered off for the Blogging Elite Christmas Box Swap! I was partnered with Sarah over at Devastate Boredom! For the entire month of November and a little bit of December, Sarah and I sent literal novels back and forth to one another. Each of… Read more »

MLIS Christmas Dinner Party

Hiya, friends! Yesterday, my other half and I worked together (along with help from some of his family) to put together a dinner party. Well, it was really an afternoon of eating, drinking and being merry (what else at Christmas time!). I’d like to share the recipes we used, along with pictures of this cooking event! 🙂 Stuffed Mushrooms Ingredients: 12 medium mushrooms 6 oz clams (drained & finely minced, sav 1/4 cup of clam juice for stuffing) 1 green… Read more »

Snowman Courtesy of Pixabay

Today, I’m not only doing a Christmas Q & A… but I’m also extending a Merry Christmas Wish to all!   A Christmas Q & A Today, I bring you my very own Christmas Q & A. Originally inspired by Sarah Emily Blogs, but I’ve added and subtracted a few bits of my own. Be sure to share your thoughts on my answers – and what your answers would be 🙂 Do you do anything to countdown to the day?… Read more »

Christmas lights at the DeLine's

It’s Christmas time, people!!! Isn’t that exciting!? Personally, my excitement levels have been building since November first (I know, I know – I’m crazy 🙂 ). Today, I will be sharing my top  Christmas favorites in music, movies, decorations, food, clothing and a “random” category for all the things that just didn’t fit!   Music I have an entire playlist with over 200 songs I listen to around the holidays, but lucky you – I narrowed it down to my… Read more »

What Will you Choose Courtesy of Unsplash

As I was perusing through Stephen Covey’s, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People I came across a piece of advice: As humans, we are a response-able people. The idea really resonated with me. As a human, I have the ability to respond. And I can respond however I please. I have days where my hair goes in all different directions, I get stuck in a traffic jam, interact with unpleasant company and on top of all that, I don’t… Read more »

Ashlee as a Flapper on Hallow's Eve

Life Update Oh, hello there! Long time, no write! Disappearance If you were wondering about my disappearance for the last few weeks – don’t worry. Life found a way to take over and pull me into it – so much so, that I found myself drifting away from blogging. Maybe even, burnt out at the sheer thought of writing. Time and separation do funny things to a person though. Because here I am, typing away with a smile on my… Read more »

Please note…I’m deviating from the November Blog Challenge prompt today to write about the wonderful upcoming holiday season we have in store! Hope y’all don’t mind. 🙂 If you haven’t noticed, Christmas (and the rest of the Holiday season) is quickly approaching. First, there’s Thanksgiving and then…well you know, December 25 comes along quicker than I can whistle Jingle Bells. The Holiday season, in general, is one of my favorite times of the year – for many reasons, which of… Read more »