2016 Adventure to Bliss

Whoa! What a month of commitment keeping 😛 January, of course, was my first month of my 2016 Adventure to Bliss. To keep myself accountable, I’ve been keeping track of my progress on each goal – and today, I want to share it with you!   – Be Me. {In Progress} I think that “being me” is a goal that is going to consistently be in progress all year long. My Adventure to Bliss is really encapsulated completely by my… Read more »


After working for most of October, November and December on my plans for my 2016 Adventure to Bliss, I was (and still am) so excited about all the good things that are resulting from it. If you read my challenge for the year, you know that it’s a major undertaking – the list of things to do is intense, yes – but, mostly exciting. As it’s getting closer to the end of January – I’d like to share my 2016… Read more »

2016 Adventure to Bliss

After reading Gretchen Rubin’s, The Happiness Project – I knew I needed to make some changes in my life. I knew I could be happier and I knew there were little things I could do to make this happiness a reality. And so, it is finally born, my 2016 Adventure to Bliss! My Adventure to Bliss will ultimately be a list of goals and although I’m just announcing it today and tagging it as a 2016 Adventure… it will really… Read more »

New Years Fireworks

As I was Stumbling posts this week, I literally stumbled upon this post from Into Mind. It’s actually a post from last year of all things with 40 reflective questions about the year gone and 10 questions for the new year. As a wrap up to 2015, I’d like to share my answers to the first 40 questions with you! As for the other 10 questions…well, you’ll just have to wait and see! 🙂 What one event, big or small,… Read more »

Snowman Courtesy of Pixabay

Today, I’m not only doing a Christmas Q & A… but I’m also extending a Merry Christmas Wish to all!   A Christmas Q & A Today, I bring you my very own Christmas Q & A. Originally inspired by Sarah Emily Blogs, but I’ve added and subtracted a few bits of my own. Be sure to share your thoughts on my answers – and what your answers would be 🙂 Do you do anything to countdown to the day?… Read more »

Christmas lights at the DeLine's

It’s Christmas time, people!!! Isn’t that exciting!? Personally, my excitement levels have been building since November first (I know, I know – I’m crazy 🙂 ). Today, I will be sharing my top  Christmas favorites in music, movies, decorations, food, clothing and a “random” category for all the things that just didn’t fit!   Music I have an entire playlist with over 200 songs I listen to around the holidays, but lucky you – I narrowed it down to my… Read more »

10% Happier by Dan Harris (Amazon.com)

This past week, I finished up reading 10% Happier by Dan Harris. As I’ve previously mentioned, I am in the works of planning my 2015 Adventure to Bliss. One of my wishes is to explore what happiness means to different people and why. My list of books to read is now at 26 for the new year – and I’m certain it will grow. Although, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure when I last read (for pleasure) that much… maybe… Read more »

The Happiness Project Book Cover Courtesy of Open Table

Gretchin Rubin can just go ahead and be permentently on my list of “inspirational writers.” On the recommendation of a fellow-blogger, I just recently (FINALLY) finished her (arguably) most popular work, “The Happiness Project.” Wow. I’ll be honest, I have tried reading this book many times. In fact, according to Amazon, I’ve had the book since January of 2012. And I literally just finished it this past weekend. So what was different this time? I honestly think it was just… Read more »

Thankful Heart Courtesy of Hugs & Lattes, The Blogging Elite Link Up

Happy Thanksgiving world! Today, I’m sharing what I’m thankful for in this month’s Blogging Elite link up, #Thankful Heart. There are SO many things to be thankful for. In fact, there are so many things I certainly can’t list them all here to the granularity at which they sometimes exist. For example, I’m thankful for my other half’s smile, without it, I might feel lost or unhappy at times. I’m also thankful for my other half’s humor, his help around… Read more »

Lean In by Sheryl Sandburg Image Courtesy of leanin.org

As Facebook’s COO and mother of two, Sheryl Sandburg knows what it means to be busy. She is a hard worker and, honestly she’s inspirational. In her book, Lean In, Sheryl makes it clear that change is needed for women in the workplace. In fact, change is really needed for everyone in the workplace (and at home). She emphasizes the importance of working towards a world where women and men spend half of their time focused on their careers and… Read more »

Edible Water Blog Image Courtesy of mental_floss

Recently, I posted a piece called Technology, Yes or No. It was here I mentioned that technology has both it’s good and bad aspects. And, honestly I continue to sit on the fence of it. I love having my blog and social media and so many technological resources at the tip of my fingers anytime I want or need them. However, I also feel myself sometimes drained with the constant badgering of technology – whether it be my email, texts,… Read more »

Ashlee as a Flapper on Hallow's Eve

Life Update Oh, hello there! Long time, no write! Disappearance If you were wondering about my disappearance for the last few weeks – don’t worry. Life found a way to take over and pull me into it – so much so, that I found myself drifting away from blogging. Maybe even, burnt out at the sheer thought of writing. Time and separation do funny things to a person though. Because here I am, typing away with a smile on my… Read more »