Lean In by Sheryl Sandburg Image Courtesy of leanin.org

As Facebook’s COO and mother of two, Sheryl Sandburg knows what it means to be busy. She is a hard worker and, honestly she’s inspirational. In her book, Lean In, Sheryl makes it clear that change is needed for women in the workplace. In fact, change is really needed for everyone in the workplace (and at home). She emphasizes the importance of working towards a world where women and men spend half of their time focused on their careers and… Read more »

Michigan State University Seal Courtesy of Google Images

I started in a class of, I believe, 18 kids at St. Joseph Academy in Adrian, Michigan. It was here that I met, Olivia. A dear friend who I still keep in touch with. We were inseparable for several years. It was here that I also recited The Children’s Hour by memory, was an active member of the Siena Heights University choir and where I learned to love going to the library and artwork. In fourth grade, I moved onto… Read more »

As it is turning into Midnight faster than I’d like, this will potentially be the shortest post of my blogging career (I spy a challenge?). I love kids – so it makes logical sense that my first job was a babysitter. Although this job was hardly a consistent way to earn money. It was more likely that I’d babysit little ones for free – because I simply enjoyed it so much. Or better yet, because they were family. So why… Read more »

Dream Job Next Exit Image

     This past week I had the honor of working as a recruiter at the MSU Career Fair for my future place of employment. Instead of running around in a suit like a chicken with my head cut off trying to impress someone with a 20 second elevator speech, I was standing in business casual attire, trying to absorb and judge a persons worth in 20 seconds. Now please keep in mind that the “chicken with my head cut… Read more »