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For my followers out there, I’m sure I don’t have to remind you all of how much I adore my parents – how much they are role models to me, and how much they have taught me through the years. Well today I’d like to take a moment to share some of their news…(hopefully they won’t mind).In the Spring of 1967, my Dad got his first job working at a lumberyard – Townsend’s. After a few years and a move… Read more »

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On October 6th, 2010 (my 18th birthday) I received my letter of acceptance to Michigan State University, now (four years later) in about eleven days, I will have graduated. That’s right…eleven days! It’s exciting and scary and semi-emotional and …well, need I go on? This semester has been busy – and I mean, truly a whirlwind. It seems like just yesterday that I walked off the plane from Rome and started classes. And if you are one of my routine… Read more »

My Dad and I at Christmas

The first time I saw my father cry it changed my life. You might be thinking that someone had died – or something life shattering had occurred. If so, you’re wrong. Don’t take it personally, I would have thought the same thing. I say “first time” – I should probably clarify that: it’s the first time I remember seeing him cry. You see, my sister had a dog named Bosco. He was a brown Boxer with baby black spots –… Read more »

Dad, Ashlee, Mom

Forty-three years. Fifteen thousand, seven hundred and five days. On September 17th, 1971 (at five o’clock) it took Mom and Dad five minutes and five dollars to become best friends for life. Moms’ wedding dress was blue and their wedding reception, following their vows, was sharing a dinner of mac n’ cheese at Holme’s Grill. Their story is the definition of simple. But the fundamental values that provide the foundation of their relationship – trust, faith, hope, love and laughter – are… Read more »