It’s funny how fast time flies…or is continuing to fly. 100 days ago, yesterday, I posted about the 100 Day Dash – an initiative at my work to get everyone up and moving – stepping, to be more specific. I made a goal to get 15,000 steps per day with a total ending step goal of 1.5 Million steps… It’s funny when you make a goal…and then you’re put on a fairly competitive team who pushes you to do even… Read more »

Courtesy of theSkimm

  Do you ever feel like you’re missing reality? Like you’re missing all the news? A few months ago I realized how much I did not pay attention to what was going on with the world… My other half mentioned something and it was a relatively big deal and I hadn’t even heard about it! I had, had enough! It was time for me to find a way to stay current with the world. But where could I find news… Read more »

Bourbon Tasting

Kentucky is the number one seller and producer of bourbon in the world. Hence, in my move to Kentucky, I had to learn more. If you’ve never been to a Bourbon distillery, you simply cannot fathom the process and set standard of ingredients that go into bourbon. I’m serious. I used to look at a bottle of Evan Williams and think, oh, that’s just another form of liquor…cool (thick sarcasm)! But really, bourbon has a really neat history and after… Read more »

America the Beautiful Dress

Part One – America and Me I have a lot of American pride – I’m like the USA’s biggest fan. The days surrounding the nations history – the Fourth of July, Veterans Day, and our recent September 11th are near and dear to my heart. Why? I’m not sure, exactly. I have studied and enjoyed learning American history throughout my life and have – as long as I can remember – gotten a little misty eyed at the sight of… Read more »

La (Best Friend) and I

Is it really the beginning of September ?! Summer has certainly flown by! If you don’t know, I graduated college this past May and honestly am still adjusting to full-time life and living in a new place. And, I can’t help but be a little melancholy that I’m not returning to Michigan State this week for classes. Work is good though, I am curious to see where my work and my career will take me! I’m doing my best to keep up… Read more »

Me at Lake Michigan

Growing up is an odd thing… as a child, you long for it – to be an adult, to be free and able to do what you want. And you want it even when all of the adults around you say you shouldn’t… Come to think of it, this is probably WHY we want to grow old. Silly rebellious – and stubborn – creatures we are. My other half and I decided to make a trip up to Holland, MI… Read more »

Questions Image

And we’re back with round six (and seven) of questions! That’s right folks, get ready for double the insight, intrigue and overall fun 🙂   1. Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones? Of course, the questions are just getting tougher and tougher, eh? Talk of losing memories reminds me of “The Giver.” I’d hate to live in a place where my memories were controlled… anyway… So, here’s my logic… Read more »

Tuesday Tidbit courtesy of Unsplash

Well, here I am again – at the beginning of another week. It’s hot here in Louisville, although, I know it could be worse. WAY worse. I thought I’d give a little life update, as a small bout of writers block has me more confused and lost than ever on what to write to all of you out there. So, what brought on this bout? The most likely culprit is pressure. I feel it. A lot of it. Of course,… Read more »

Picture of "The Loss of My Pearl" Poem

In eighth grade writing (September of 2006), I wrote “The Loss of My Pearl!” Abalone is my name, and I have a problem. Barren is my shell, gone is my mother of pearl. Chine haven’t got one so I can’t go lookin! Deceased is the way I feel! Esteem, self-esteem that is isn’t as high, as normal. Fraud, the mysterious loss of my pearl. Glimpsed at the sun this morning from the ocean’s water. Harmony is what I felt! Immersed… Read more »

Questions Image

And, we are back with the next set of questions. If you didn’t know, I’ve been answering 50 questions that will free your my mind. They are incredibly intriguing and I encourage each of you to answer them yourself! Check out Round One, Round Two and Round Three!   1. How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy? Well, if everything that made me happy made everyone else around me happy, too – it’d be a… Read more »

Gratitude Symbol

Today, I want to share a list of things I’m grateful for. Every once in a while, I compile this list in my head, but I think it’s so important to write it out. Doing this every so often helps me to remember how truly blessed I am in this crazy world and how, the little problems I face day-to-day really are small and through all these wonderful things, I can do anything! Here it goes… Mom & Dad Sister… Read more »

My Other Half & I at Forecastle

  The past week has been crazy. Literally. My Fitbit One tells me that I slept 6 hours or less, Monday through Thursday night. I’ve managed to walk around 130,000 steps in the last seven days – i.e. an average of well over my goal of 15,000 steps per day. Why so busy, you ask? I’m not sure. I think when there are events post-work and there’s already a lack of sleep…that’s an issue. I’m still adjusting to this full-time world!… Read more »