Eiffel Tower Clip Art

It has been a while since I last updated y’all on how the planning for Europe is coming together. To say the least – it is a lot of work! A few weeks ago, my other half, Max, and I spent the better part of a Sunday on booking housing and transportation as well as planning our itinerary. Now with our Europe adventure about 60 days away – the excitement is building! We have decided to visit (mainly) London, Paris,… Read more »

Smiley Face Clip Art

This past Friday, I was in mile three of four of my daily run and I was struggling. My breathing was off and I was cramping – I was about to slow to walk… However, another runner came towards me and stuck out her hand and with a big smile said “keep it up!” It really is the little things, because immediately my cramps disappeared and my breathing leveled out and I was actually smiling as I felt my pace… Read more »

My Dad and I at Christmas

The first time I saw my father cry it changed my life. You might be thinking that someone had died – or something life shattering had occurred. If so, you’re wrong. Don’t take it personally, I would have thought the same thing. I say “first time” – I should probably clarify that: it’s the first time I remember seeing him cry. You see, my sister had a dog named Bosco. He was a brown Boxer with baby black spots –… Read more »

Lake Michigan, Manistee Pier Lighthouse at Sunset

In honor of my 22nd revolution around Mister Sun, himself – I’ve decided to share a photo story of 22 of my favorite things! 🙂 1. Strawberries 2. Oatmeal 3. Running 4. Teddy Bears 5. Positivity 6. Music 7. Mysteries 8. Ice Skating 9. Football 10. Autumn 11. Lake Michigan 12. Thunderstorms 13. Light Houses 14. Fireworks 15. Hammocks 16. S’mores 17. Clue 18. Mickey Mouse 19. Sailboats 20. Hot Air Balloons 21. Winnie the Pooh 22. Cake Batter Ice… Read more »

Dream Job Next Exit Image

     This past week I had the honor of working as a recruiter at the MSU Career Fair for my future place of employment. Instead of running around in a suit like a chicken with my head cut off trying to impress someone with a 20 second elevator speech, I was standing in business casual attire, trying to absorb and judge a persons worth in 20 seconds. Now please keep in mind that the “chicken with my head cut… Read more »

Map of Salzburg Austria

Magically, life has been placed “on hold.” I have the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world and live with a family for an entire year. Where do I choose to go? Salzburg, Austria. Why? You might think, well she must know German (the official Language) or maybe her ancestors originated there. Maybe, she knows more about the place aside from its name. If you thought any of the above… well you would be wrong. As foolish as it may… Read more »

MSU Marching Band

On October 5, 2010 I received my letter of acceptance to Michigan State University. As it is a Big Ten school – sports are important. My absolute favorite is football! The Spartan Stadium  is like nothing I had ever experienced before. Literally, you sit with over 75,000 others cheering for the same team. It is invigorating! This year, we played the Wyoming Cowboys for our Homecoming game and won 56-14! Check out some of the photos from the parade as… Read more »

For a moment today, time stood still and what did I wish for? – More time. It’s outrageous. Me. You. The world. We never seem to be satisfied or at peace, for even just a moment.Eight hours of work requires more like twelve, but time with family and friends is important too… a lack of sleep presents itself. And now? We are too tired to get through our (hopefully) 36 hour day tomorrow. And the next day? We wish for… Read more »

Dad, Ashlee, Mom

Forty-three years. Fifteen thousand, seven hundred and five days. On September 17th, 1971 (at five o’clock) it took Mom and Dad five minutes and five dollars to become best friends for life. Moms’ wedding dress was blue and their wedding reception, following their vows, was sharing a dinner of mac n’ cheese at Holme’s Grill. Their story is the definition of simple. But the fundamental values that provide the foundation of their relationship – trust, faith, hope, love and laughter – are… Read more »

In today’s world, many of us place emphasis on what we (or others) are doing wrong. You’re too fat. She’s too skinny. He’s too muscular. She’s too smart. He’s too nice. They are too focused on their careers.  Too! Too! Too! Why? Why are we wasting all this time focusing on what’s “wrong” with each of us? And who is to say what “wrong” actually looks like? We have this obsession with labeling everyone with a negative tone… I don’t… Read more »

Lansing Half Marathon Finish Line

I never really played the whole sports game when I was younger… I was far too uncoordinated and well, I just wasn’t part of that crowd. Although I may have ran a little or played a game of volleyball here or there, this just was not a priority of mine. I studied and studied and studied and stressed out a ridiculous amount. Looking back, I wasn’t 100%. Then I went to college. As I met and encountered and learned from new friends… Read more »