Venice Ashlee Image

Arriving in Venice was a beautiful thing. After seeing the Swiss Alps from the sky and a very bumpy landing we reached the bus station where we purchased our bus ticket to get to the main island of Venice where we would be staying. Making it to the train station of the island showed us our first bit of beauty this island offers. As I write this, I know that the word “beautiful” does not do even the smallest part… Read more »

Berlin Wall and Ashlee Image

As those of you who follow my blog may already know – Berlin had some scary moments. Mainly upon arrival. My other half and I arrived late at night in Berlin and had to travel by the train for approximately 45 minutes to the train station local to our AirBnb. The distance between the train station and our AirBnb was only about a ten minute walk – but after dark, not knowing the language…well, it was slightly disturbing. The first… Read more »

Belgium Map Image

After spending almost 12 days as a traveling duo, my other half and I finally arrived in his home country – Belgium! Upon arrival we hopped straight onto a train headed for Rhode-Saint-Genèse. This is home to his Uncle, Aunt and some of his cousins (his Grandmother was also there for the holidays). As it was Christmas time, we were both thrilled to see family and catch our breath after the whirlwind in London and Paris. The first night we enjoyed dinner… Read more »

Big Ben at Night Image

After an eight hour flight to London Heathrow Airport, we hopped onto a tram (with Oyster Cards in hand) and spent around 45 minutes traveling to Leicester Square. This is where we picked up our London Passes, grabbed a much needed cup of coffee and took in our first few sights of the city. One, I very much remember, was a vending machine with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Although it may be a “thing” in the States, I have… Read more »

London in the Daytime

All I can say is wow. I honestly cannot believe that I have just (within the last few days) returned to the States after a month in Europe. My other half and I traveled to five main locations. These included London, Paris, all over Belgium, Berlin, Venice and finally Rome. We walked around 10 miles a day – by the end of our trip, our Fitbit Ones had tracked well over a half a million steps for each of us!… Read more »

Eiffel Tower Clip Art

It has been a while since I last updated y’all on how the planning for Europe is coming together. To say the least – it is a lot of work! A few weeks ago, my other half, Max, and I spent the better part of a Sunday on booking housing and transportation as well as planning our itinerary. Now with our Europe adventure about 60 days away – the excitement is building! We have decided to visit (mainly) London, Paris,… Read more »

Map of Salzburg Austria

Magically, life has been placed “on hold.” I have the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world and live with a family for an entire year. Where do I choose to go? Salzburg, Austria. Why? You might think, well she must know German (the official Language) or maybe her ancestors originated there. Maybe, she knows more about the place aside from its name. If you thought any of the above… well you would be wrong. As foolish as it may… Read more »

Two hours of my life was just spent updating a ten-tabbed spreadsheet I’ve created to plan my trip to Europe. There are several things I’m realizing while planning a month-long adventure: (1) Europe is larger than you think. (2) I’m not yet old enough to rent a car, so I’ll be counting on trains, busses and my own two feet. (3) Power is different in Europe… power converters/adapters knowledge here I come! (4) …that includes my hair dryer… (5) ^^… Read more »

Yep. That’s right! In a matter of a few months I’ll be traveling abroad for the first time in my (almost) 22 years. I’m speechless, ecstatic, I…words just can’t describe exactly how I’m feeling. Oh! And don’t even get me started on the questions I have yet to sort through and the planning that is going to go into this trip – it’ll be worth it though! As I plan out my trip, details will unfold within this blog –… Read more »