Big Ben at Night Image

After an eight hour flight to London Heathrow Airport, we hopped onto a tram (with Oyster Cards in hand) and spent around 45 minutes traveling to Leicester Square. This is where we picked up our London Passes, grabbed a much needed cup of coffee and took in our first few sights of the city. One, I very much remember, was a vending machine with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Although it may be a “thing” in the States, I have… Read more »

Eiffel Tower Clip Art

It has been a while since I last updated y’all on how the planning for Europe is coming together. To say the least – it is a lot of work! A few weeks ago, my other half, Max, and I spent the better part of a Sunday on booking housing and transportation as well as planning our itinerary. Now with our Europe adventure about 60 days away – the excitement is building! We have decided to visit (mainly) London, Paris,… Read more »