Mountain Top Courtesy of Unsplash

It’s funny how fast time flies…or is continuing to fly. 100 days ago, yesterday, I posted about the 100 Day Dash – an initiative at my work to get everyone up and moving – stepping, to be more specific.

I made a goal to get 15,000 steps per day with a total ending step goal of 1.5 Million steps…

It’s funny when you make a goal…and then you’re put on a fairly competitive team who pushes you to do even better than your goals…my goal of 15,000 steps a day was quickly buried for a new goal of 150,000 steps per week (i.e. over 20,000 steps per day)…and from there, it continued to increase.

I ended the dash with well over 2 million steps (2,134,499 total steps), ranked number one on my team of five, my team ranked 94 out of all teams and I ranked 214th out of the thousands of participants.*

This challenge, wasn’t easy. In fact, it was rough. I’ve mentioned before walking in circles while blogging – so what else did I do to obtain such an absurd amount of steps the last 100 days?

  • Walking desks at work. Yes, that’s right. Walking at approximately 2 MPH for an hour (maybe two) per day boosted my numbers. Not only this, the walking desk has been amazing at bringing creativity, new energy and more efficiency to the work I do (it’s a habit I won’t be dropping).
  • I also run everyday (or almost).
  • My lunches turned to walking breaks where I would squeeze as many steps as possible into 30 or 40 minutes.
  • Weekends were planned around the idea of 3 hours worth of exercise per day – whether it be walking or running…I didn’t skimp on the weekends. It drove me nuts.
  • On days where I traveled home for the weekend (5 hour trip) or back from home, I’d sacrifice sleep for steps.

Yes. You might say I’m ridiculous, but, I had a job to do – a goal to meet.

I’m very pleased to announce that the company obtained over 15 Billion steps these last 100 days and because of this, money will go to a good cause!

Goals have a lot of power over us. In fourth grade, I decided that I wanted to be Valedictorian and when I walked across the stage as a senior nine years later, I was just that.

Goals are good to make…the problem comes when goals aren’t met as quickly as we wish. You know, after New Years, all the resolutions – I want to loose 20 pounds this week and keep it off…well…no. Come on. 20 pounds in a week? Maybe. But then keeping that weight off? Yeah right.

We should set goals in all facets of our lives…but at the same time we need to assess what is realistic – what goal can we attain without putting so much pressure on ourselves we croak before crossing the finish line? Point is, sure you can climb to the top of a mountain on foot, but not in one minute.

I pushed myself really hard these last 100 days, and I’m proud of it. However, I think I took more away from the whole thing than just a boat-load of steps. I think I’ve again found a way to remind myself that the pressures I put on myself to do this and do that are CHOICES!

So, make goals! But be realistic. What is a goal that involves just enough pressure to not push you over the edge? And what goals are you willing to make choices to keep – every day? These are questions you must ask yourself! 🙂

What goals are you setting in your life and how are you working to achieve them? Comment with your answers and stay tuned for more on my goals.


*Note: These numbers are initial numbers. Official numbers will be released in 7 days, at which point I’ll update this! 🙂