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I started in a class of, I believe, 18 kids at St. Joseph Academy in Adrian, Michigan. It was here that I met, Olivia. A dear friend who I still keep in touch with. We were inseparable for several years. It was here that I also recited The Children’s Hour by memory, was an active member of the Siena Heights University choir and where I learned to love going to the library and artwork.

In fourth grade, I moved onto Onsted Elementary where I stayed in the district and graduated in 2011 with about 120 of my peers. It was here that I grew up in so many ways academically. I became class president, student body president and was a leader or member of several other clubs. (#nerd 😉 ) It was here that my almost decade long dream of becoming Valedictorian came true.

From their I moved onto Michigan State University College of Engineering where I graduated just this past May with a degree in Computer Science. Of course, I walked with several thousands of fellow graduates. It was here I grew up more socially and became incredibly independent…not that I was ever *that* dependent. I made three of the best friends a girl could ever ask for and of course it was here that I met my other half. I faced a whole new level of stress and learned how to best manage it (okay, fine – you caught me, I tried to manage it).

This is where I’ve been. Now for where I’m heading…

Who knows!

The future is incredibly uncertain. I love managing groups of people, so I can see myself working towards an MBA in the near future.

I can also see myself finding some way to teach little ones about the world of technology – maybe a volunteer opportunity will arise! I can even see myself heading up my own start up!

There are very sporadic days where I find myself contemplating a master’s or a PhD in computer science…or in another technical realm. Honestly, I’m not sure this is the right path for me.

Again…who knows! 😉

Overall, trying to plan all this out doesn’t make much sense at the moment…I’m sky diving Saturday and who knows if it’ll work out… Kidding! (about skydiving working out…not about skydiving!)

I have a lot of goals. In fact, I hope to be happy, successful and helpful to at least one person in my life. Just those three things…of course there’s a ton of other little pieces to my life puzzle, but that’s the big picture.

So, even though I’m not entirely sure where I want to go next with my education, I’m constantly reading and looking for opportunities to learn!

What do you do to keep sharp? How do you learn new skills? There are several e-learning sites (like Udemy, Coursera, etc.) that allow you to take courses in many different areas. Have you ever used something like this? If you have a Master’s or a PhD, why and how did you get them? If you don’t, why did you decide to not further your education? Be sure to share your education story in the comments below!

  • I’m currently working on a Master’s in learning technology and I love it! All of my classes and seminars are online which makes everything easier!

    • I’ve been looking into an Online MBA – online courses are definitely convenient. A Master’s in Learning sounds like fun! Best of luck in your education journey, Emilie! 🙂