If you haven’t noticed, I’m not much into the world of fashion – but I’d like to think that i have some sense of style. 😉 Point is, I’m certainly not known for OOTD posts (Outfit of the day) or posts on what I’m wearing for Fall. So, this post will be fun!

Today, I’ll be sharing some of my signature pieces and how they work together to create my sense of style.


 Brown Boot Heels Rain Boots Classic Black Riding Boots
IMG_1224-1024x682 IMG_1275-1024x682 copy IMG_1260-1024x682 copy


Multi-Colored Hermés Winter Style
Multi-Colored Scarf IMG_1269-e1444778243601-598x1024 IMG_1229-e1444777847138-682x1024


Maxi-For-Life Little Black Dress Blue Sailor
IMG_1244-1024x682 copy IMG_1214-1024x682 copy IMG_1304-e1444777642540-682x1024 copy

Miscellaneous Articles

Jean Jacket Game-Day Vest Pencil Skirt
IMG_1286-e1444780670132-682x1024 copy  IMG_1219-e1444777753419-682x1024 copy IMG_1257-e1444780440138-682x1024 copy


I used to love wearing hats…but I can’t seem to find the proper occasions for them anymore working full-time! Additionally, I love rings, earrings and long and delicate necklaces.

So, what articles of clothing or styles are your most favorite? Do you have a favorite clothing season? Be sure to share your thoughts in the post below!

Shout out to my other half for being my camera man! 🙂