In today’s world, many of us place emphasis on what we (or others) are doing wrong. You’re too fat. She’s too skinny. He’s too muscular. She’s too smart. He’s too nice. They are too focused on their careers.  Too! Too! Too! Why? Why are we wasting all this time focusing on what’s “wrong” with each of us? And who is to say what “wrong” actually looks like? We have this obsession with labeling everyone with a negative tone… I don’t understand. It solely adds drama, right?
I’ll admit, there was a time when I found myself criticizing my actions, personality and even looks for everything “wrong” – and then attempted to change overnight… I’ll let you imagine how that worked out. Then, over the summer, I had an Internship where the leaders introduced us to Tom Raths’ book: “StrengthsFinder 2.0.”
In it, he discusses the importance of focusing on your strengths… not that he wants us to completely ignore our faults and not spend some time working at them – he wants us to look at our strengths, look at others strengths and then work together to match the strengths in such a way that creates the best possible working (optimistic) environment.
I would recommend his book…the entire experience taught me more about being self-aware and how to better know how I best fit in to the puzzle of life.

My Strengths

Use the past to understand the present.
Trustworthy, Volunteer, Honesty – committed to what I say I will do.
Love learning & improving!
Enjoy learning what makes a person unique.
Asking “what if?” – I find the best route.

  • Great advice on learning to not pass judgement on others. That can be one of the hardest things to overcome in this world that we live in, but it honestly makes you so much happier when you stop focusing so much on others weaknesses and focus on your own strengths. Great post!