A few weeks ago, in my post Transitioning, I mentioned my recent trip to Florida. My other half and I visited Fort Lauderdale and Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is a community just north of Fort Lauderdale.
During our stay at a resort in Fort Lauderdale (as we were trying to catch our breath from college graduation), we didn’t do too much exploring. It certainly wasn’t like the constant go, go, go attitude we had on our Europe adventures. In fact, I can honestly say, I’ve never just sat by a pool for a week, read for pleasure and people watched. At some point I likely could have done this on family vacations, but I feel like I was always in the pool doing tricks or going on some sort of adventure… Relaxing and catching a few rays was just what I was looking for.
Side Note: Speaking of catching rays…if you are in the sun this summer, lather on the sunscreen. Please! As a kid I remember putting on the minimum amount of sunscreen and as a teenager, I’m pretty sure I rebelled against sunscreen…ridiculous! My other half and I put sunscreen on constantly and tried our best to stay hidden from the sun. We like healthy skin and you should too! 🙂
One evening in Fort Lauderdale, we walked a couple miles to Las Olas – a restaurant and shopping strip of road. It was neat to see and there were a few really cool, little art galleries, yet, it wasn’t necessarily something I’d venture back to. I would say that, in general, our time in Fort Lauderdale was incredibly laid back – and quite different from the place we’d travel to for the weekend.
The Beachside Village Resort in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea was just about five miles north of our Fort Lauderdale living arrangement. It was here we spent the weekend as Friday and Saturday at the resort in Fort Lauderdale was booked.
We adored this place. It was incredibly simple and quite different and refreshing from the cramped and busy lifestyle we resided in, in Fort Lauderdale. There were only approximately 30-40 rooms to stay in that were entirely furnished and cozy. As opposed to the resort in Fort Lauderdale, this felt more like a beach house instead of a hotel.
The pier was right down the beach from the Beachside Village Resort, and although we had to pay to walk down it, it was a beautiful view during the sunset – although, I could be biased as I’ve always been a lover of piers!
Down by the pier there was the “main street” of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. It was filled with little restaurants. We ate at a few. Nothing was incredibly scrumptious or special, but it was all fairly good.
Overall, our trip was successful. If you are ever looking to just relax and not do much for a week, travel down to Fort Lauderdale – or better yet, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. I guarantee, you are likely to not regret it!If you’ve been to Fort Lauderdale or Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, tell me about it in the comments. I would love to hear about your experiences!! Especially if you found a restaurant worth sharing about!!

In addition, tell me – where is your favorite place to go and relax?