Humor! What a joke!

But really, I enjoy laughing. Anyone from grade school through high school could tell you times of me literally rolling on the floor in laughter. Picture the old man laughing in Mary Poppins. I grew out of that…and hardly find myself falling on the floor in laughter anymore.

Although I do laugh pretty hard at times – to the point of happy tears streaming down my face (such a good feeling).

Humor has also turned into a sort of defense mechanism…through sarcasm, I sometimes fight off the bad days.

Humor is vital in my life. I think it’s vital in everyone’s life…

Have you ever been so focused or just so frustrated that your face is stuck in one position, refusing to budge?! I have. It’s the worst and I don’t even realize it till I laugh and all my facial muscles suddenly don’t feel numb, there’s blood movement to my head and I feel good again. In fact, if I’m in the midst of a problem, I am likely to find the solution in this short burst of laughter.

Laughter, is a beautiful thing. I’ve mentioned it before, but wherever you go in life you have to MAKE your own sunshine. That’s right, it takes effort – and like all things, some days are harder than others. It’s a choice – “the consequence of personal effort”.

I understand there are a lot of bad things constantly happening in this world…and I mean, a lot of bad things (floods, shootings, stabbings, car accidents, drama, etc.). However, we must find a way to separate ourselves from the bad. We must find a way to let the bad be present and still be able to move forward living happily (maybe not immediately…but you get my point).

My mom said to me a few days ago… everyday is an adventure. And it’s true! One sour day shouldn’t spoil the next and the next… It’s tough, but if you’re in the right mindset, each and every day can contain a little bit of humor.

So, in honor of this post…here are a few things to make you laugh (or at least smile) today!


Baby Dancing the Jive…


Funny Dinosaur Courtesy of Pinterest Funny Kitten Courtesy of Pinterest Funny Duck Courtesy of Pinterest Humorous card courtesy of Pinterest Funny scene from Mulan courtesy of Pinterest Bears and Shakespeare Courtesy of Pinterest Funny scene from Dispicable Me Courtesy of Pinterest Cheesey Picture Courtesy of Pinterest Frog Psychologist Funny Courtesy of Pinterest Silly mouse courtesy of Pinterest


Hoops & Yoyo, I love you! –


How do you include humor in your life? Is it a stress buster for you? Be sure to share some of your favorite things that make you laugh in the comments below!

  • Ahhhhh love this!! So many funnies. 😀 I’m like you, if I’m not laughing for too long I have to go watch puppy / kitten videos or something just to meet my quota. I have a Friday Frivolity blog party every Friday for funny / fun stuff, you should totally come link this up next time!! ;P