2016 Adventure to Bliss

Whoa! What a month of commitment keeping 😛 January, of course, was my first month of my 2016 Adventure to Bliss. To keep myself accountable, I’ve been keeping track of my progress on each goal – and today, I want to share it with you!


– Be Me. {In Progress}

I think that “being me” is a goal that is going to consistently be in progress all year long. My Adventure to Bliss is really encapsulated completely by my list of goals here – with the overarching one, being – BE ME!


– Act the Way You Want to Feel. {In Progress}

I think I’ve Stopped Nagging. For the most part. 😉 I’ve been working REALLY hard to Practice Patience… it’s no easy task and I’m certainly far from having my patience come natural (mainly when I’m hungry 😉 ), but I’m working on it 🙂 The first ten days of January I’ll just admit outright that I failed at Sleeping 7.5 hours a night. I blame the holidays and travel. The remainder of the month didn’t get all that much better. I need to sleep more in February. As for feeling, speaking and acting with thankfulness, I think this ties into my stopping my nagging and acting the way I want to feel as a whole.


– Moderation is Key. { In Progress }

Limiting my food “gotchas” to three times per week has been a really large challenge… coming off of Christmas and New Years, I could feel my blood sugar, blood pressure and just my general stomach health all over the place. You know how it is 😛
Studying portion sizes was absolutely fascinating. At one point during college, I counted my calories routinely… but that’s just NOT reality for me. It’s a time inconvenience, along with just a standard hassle. So, when I started the year off only grabbing one portion of each thing… it was amazing 🙂 I’ve got a long way to go with this, but I’m excited to see where this goal takes me!
As for Splurge on Food – I haven’t done anything in terms of this goal, yet! There’s a fresh produce market around the corner from home and I would like to start going there 🙂


– Be Flexible. { In Progress }

In terms of being flexible, I’m trying my darnedest to not worry about planning out the week in advance in terms of social outings, events, and just general plans. I’m taking steps toward stress management by eating right, exercising and making sure to give time back to me 🙂


– Moments Trump Stuff and Things. { In Progress }

My other half and I had a major organizing party this month – we picked several areas in our apartment and tore them apart, threw everything on the floor and sorted, threw away and re-organized. I’m happy to say that our little apartment is in more order than ever before. I’m particularly pleased with the de-cluttering and organizing of my clothes closet [I managed to pull out 182 items to donate] AND our hall closet. I still cannot grasp how so much STUFF can accumulate. Stay tuned for a post on how you can de-clutter your life – a culmination of the best pieces of advice for de-cluttering any space.
The ten days of January were hectic… but post-that, my other half and I seemed to pick up the evening tidy-up naturally as we settled back into a routine. Who doesn’t love a clean home? 🙂

In an order to be social, I went to Trivia with friends! Then Max’s friend, Gage, came for the weekend. And just this past weekend, my other half and I, along with our circle of friends here in Louisville took a trip up to near Cincinatti for the weekend – what fun it was 🙂

Family time was had twice – during the first few days of the year AND for my Nephew, Kahler’s, birthday party 🙂 I #heart family time.

I failed to send snail mail in January…maybe this month? And as for a date night – I’m not sure how it didn’t manage to happen! But! We did have several commotion free sit-down dinners, yay! 🙂


– Be Mindful. Be Present. { Needs Work }

My meditation and multi-tasking went in waves this month – one week I was really good and the next week I failed epic-ally – let’s just say, I don’t have five hands. And no meditation for a week? Give me a break! 😛

I think I failed at being mindful and present this month, because I almost missed the mark at taking any of the steps I came up with. In addition, I failed to unplug much… although I foresee some changes in this realm during February.

During February, I really want to be intentional about being present and mindful.


Other Steps to Achieve Bliss… { In Progress }


I can honestly say, that I managed to floss once a day. I’ve also pretty much cut the swearing. Yay, for hygiene and a graceful voice. I crossed my legs less than ten times – only long enough to realize that “hey, you’re crossing your legs, knock it off!”!

This is totally cheating, but I’m actually required at work to define my 2016 Career Goals… so I did that. But I have a long way to go on this – sure, I may have some short-term 2016 goals written down, but I have a lot more self-exploring to do in terms of long-term career goals. I did a little digging into graduate school – and of course that got me thinking about my career… who knows where this will go 😛

On the fitness side of things, I DID take 10,000 steps per day. I’m not sure if walking counts as cardio, if so, I achieved my 30 minutes of cardio goal all but one day in January (Tuesday, January 5)! Also, I managed to do 30 minutes of strength three times a week, every week! In terms of where I missed the mark, I didn’t manage to run, look into or sign up for any official 10ks, 5ks, half marathons or a marathon. Maybe in February!

As far as volunteering goes… I didn’t take any steps towards this goal. 🙁 Here we come, February!

Reading has taken a back-burner to my French, my blogging and all the other goals. I managed to read two books. At this rate, I’ll finish one book behind my goal at 24 books.

French has been progressing wonderfully! As soon as I came to the conclusion that learning 100 words a day isn’t reasonable and learning word by word is not the proper way to actually learn a language… I took off on this! I’ve managed to study French 23 out of the 31 days of January. I’m shooting for 25 out of 29 in February! Tres bien!

Finally, in terms of my blog goals, I’ve successfully managed to post three times per week. I’ve also managed to keep up with more interaction between my fellow bloggers! I’ve half-failed at my desire to improve on my pictures… I’m now using picmonkey and Unsplash to create a title picture with the blog title. This has really contributed to my Pins, as well as my posts to Instagram. I say, I’ve half-failed because I have yet to pull out my DSLR! 😛 Now, as for post-timing, I now pre-schedule all my posts… best thing ever. Now I can schedule posts, tweets, shares, retweets, everything – meaning that my posts can go out at peak share times during the day…instead of at 6 AM and 5 PM.
Finally, my goal for 500 Facebook likes, 500 Twitter Followers and 150 Bloglovin’ Followers seems very far off – but I am pleased with my progress this month and am still hoping to grow my social reach 🙂

Of course, most of these goals are works in progress at the moment 🙂 I’m trying and failing and trying – or maybe, I haven’t even made the effort to try. But, point is, I’m doing the best I can, and I can say quite affirmatively, that this sole fact fills my heart with bliss!


Your Turn

Your Turn is a place for me to ask you questions! Be sure to answer them in the comments below! :)

  • Did you make New Years Resolutions? Or January goals? What were they?
  • If yes to the previous question, are you on track to keep up with your goals?
  • When you set a goal, how do you keep yourself accountable?

  • I love how you’re working toward your goals! You’re doing such an amazing job, if you ask me! <3

  • Great goal setting!! This inspires me to do some more detailed goals for my next month! 🙂

  • You’re doing awesomely! Especially proud of you for the decluttering, yay!

    I am almost through with the Happiness Project, and i have to point out one thing. .. she took each happiness “category” one month at a time and built as she went… are you not feeling a little overwhelmed tackling all that at once? I would be anyway. ..!

  • Hi Ashlee! I miss you! ;P I finally posted my review of The Happiness Project, with a shout-out to you for recommending it to me! Looking forward to hearing more updates about your Adventure to Bliss really soon. 🙂