I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – running changed my life! Exercise removes stress, stops over-thinking and honestly – I find it fun! (Oh, and cardio is always a good thing – keeping that heart in good shape!).Well, a few months ago, I was wearing a “Born to Run” shirt…and someone questioned it – “Are you actually born to run? Do you do like the treadmill or outdoors?” Upon answering that I enjoy running outside, they looked at me and shared that they felt running is incredibly boring. Chuckling, I defended my love for running and that it was anything but boring. In addition, I questioned their enjoyment of treadmill running – although, I enjoy the workout options a treadmill offers when weather conditions are rough.

So, what makes running enjoyable for me? I’m glad you asked! Let me see if I can convince you…

  1. Running is likely not boring for me because I enjoy its’ simplicity. Running, for me, is a time to let go of all issues/problems I’m having – release the stress and just not think. It’s a time to sweat, boost my cardio and have a complete mental break.
  2. Although I don’t always run with someone, it’s common (more now than ever) that I am running with my other half. Of course, this could never be boring. We push each other, chat and just have an all around good time.
  3. While I now typically have my running buddy, I didn’t used to. Originally I would run alone. I enjoyed this too! Typically, I would have my headphones in – listening to upbeat, happy, “move-it” music! (Need a playlist? Check out some of my favorite moves here!) Sometimes (back in college) I would have my audio books read to me during my runs.
  4. Speed Variation. As important as maintaining a semi-consistent pace is to avoid burning out early in a run, variation in speed helps to avoid boredom. In fact, the new popular HIIT workout (high-intensity-interval-training) is just this. An example might be running for 2 minutes at your highest pace, then having 30 seconds of brisk walking.
  5. Avoid running the same route all the time. Turn down a different street or head in an entirely different direction. Get lost! Changing routes is not only helpful to avoid boredom, it’s also a good way to challenge yourself to varying running terrain.
  6. Counting footsteps or people or birds or anything. When you’re pushing yourself to the max and you can hardly breathe and you just really want to quit – start counting. Tell yourself that as soon as you can count ten birds or 50 footsteps or anything, then you can have a 20 second walking break. This will help you to push yourself and avoid boredom at the same time!
  7. Just listen and observe. If you’re not wearing headphones and just running along, you likely will see and hear some pretty interesting things. I know if I run in the evening, I love watching the sky change from sky blue to have shades of pink and purple. People watching (and squirrel watching) is another perk!

I would encourage you to get out there and go for a run or a walk if you are able. It’s such a refreshing activity and it’s SO good for both the mental and physical aspects of you! 🙂

  • Christina

    Watching the sky change colors is for sure one of the best parts of running!