After working for most of October, November and December on my plans for my 2016 Adventure to Bliss, I was (and still am) so excited about all the good things that are resulting from it. If you read my challenge for the year, you know that it’s a major undertaking – the list of things to do is intense, yes – but, mostly exciting. As it’s getting closer to the end of January – I’d like to share my 2016 Word of the Year.

Sure, right now you might be saying – “uhm, she realizes it’s a almost the end of January, right?” I don’t think I’m late to this word of the year game. I really wanted to see how my 2016 Adventure to Bliss would make me feel – if it was too much or too little. I wanted to see what I would encounter this year with work and everything else.

I’m super glad I waited. Even just this first month has seemed different to me than the last few of the end of 2015.

The Word

When you try to pick out a word that will be your ultimate go-to throughout the year, it can be a challenge. There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet, yet the number of words is on some mammoth-level – that’s seemingly unfathomable. 😉

The most obvious choice for words this year is Bliss. Right? Because I’m on my 2016 Adventure to Bliss. However, the problem with this word is that I want my Adventure to Bliss to span all the years of my life, slowly morphing and changing. Bliss is a feeling I want to steadily experience throughout life.

So, back to the drawing board I went…

My second go at choosing a word was Love. If you haven’t yet read, Love Does by Bob Goff, I highly encourage you to. Goff shares countless stories of letting the phrase, “Love Does” guide his every life move. It’s moving – and whenever I look back to this book, I think, I want to be Bob Goff. 😉 So, I thought, why not “love.” Well this is important to me, it simply didn’t *fit* whatever mold I was looking for in terms of a word for 2016.

The third word I came across was hustle. This one actually fits really well, it’s actually perfect. Like I said, my intense list of goals for the year has given me a full plate and having the word hustle be my focus would make sense…

But… why do anything that makes sense when it doesn’t feel right? 😛

So, my fourth and final word choice, is [drum roll please] – PEACE.

To truly succeed, I need to be at peace. #2016WordOfTheYear #2016Goals Click To Tweet

How did I get from Hustle to Peace, you ask? Good question. I think that’s just it. I have literally SO much to hustle for this year, so many goals – loving to do, all while being full of bliss – but ultimately, to truly succeed, I need to be at peace. To be at peace with myself, my progress with my goals, work, friends, family and everything.

I’m hopeful that peace is the counterbalance to my Adventure to Bliss. I’m hopeful that this mix, meshes well and ultimately leads to – maybe not a completed list of goals come December 31st, but a more at-peace me 🙂


Your Turn

Your Turn is a place for me to ask you questions! Be sure to answer them in the comments below! :)

  • What’s your 2016 word for the year?
  • How do you define peace?
  • How are your goals for 2016 going?