Running was not always a love of mine. In fact, in high school I was hardly active enough for what would be considered a healthy lifestyle. I look back and think…no wonder I was so stressed/anxious all the time!

Today, being National Running Day, I wanted to share that being active has had an amazing impact on my life. Running can go ahead and take credit for keeping me sane on my worst and best days.

I’d encourage each of you to stay active in life. Even going for a walk every day – getting your heart pumping – is so vital to keeping you not only happy but also healthy!

With that said, it’s time for my nightly run! How do you stay active?

  • Sprained ankle means I can’t run! But swimming is a great alternative (though I have yet to make it to the pool!!)

    • Oh no! I’ve hurt my ankle in the past as well – it’s the worst! But way to not let an injury keep you from finding ways to stay active! 🙂

  • I would love to love running, but I have “eh” knees. (I fell on them while pregnant, and they haven’t been the same since…well and since breaking my foot.) anyway…I LOVE me some PIYO! After 4 csections it’s my go to work out!

    • Running certainly isn’t for everyone! However, it’s great that you do PIYO! I’ve never tried it, but I’ve heard it’s great! 🙂