Located right on Taylorsville Road in Louisville, KY is the Mussel and Burger Bar. Coming in with a 4.6 star rating on Google and over 8,000 likes on Facebook, it clearly doesn’t need to be said that this review will be a positive one.When I first heard the name, I questioned it’s level of fanciness – a burger bar? I pictured a small, dark, possibly dingy place with mediocre burgers and mussels that weren’t up to par – a place filled with old men drinking beer (or bourbon) up at the bar. Stepping into the restaurant, I almost immediately knew of my assumption error (figures!).

The inside of the restaurant is quite neat. The booths are built into the walls and the tables in the center area are comfy. M&BB used mason jars for water glasses and this inspired some of the glasses my other half and I purchased for our apartment (a cost effective option if you’re looking)! On top of being an unexpectedly neat place, the service was, as they say, on point. Our water was routinely filled and everyone was friendly.

Now…on to the food part. WOW. I’m a lover of Sidebar (found in the Louisville downtown area). Until I came to M&BB, I had never had a burger that could even compete with them. Of course, this all changed. I had the C.E.O – a mix of meat, gruyere cheese, truffle aioli, caramelized onions, baby arugula, confit tomatoes and GIANT truffle fries. Yeah, those four stacked things on the top portion of the image on the left above – those are four giant truffle fries. My meal was absolutely delicious! My other half (being more fond of mussels) had Meuniére Mussels and their House Pomme Frites. These mussels were doused with white wine, shallots, parsley and butter. I had never previously had mussels, but they were quite good. My other half, having tasted mussels many times before, had nothing but good things to say!

Overall, if you’re in the Louisville area – I highly recommend a stop off at Taylorsville Road for a stop at the Mussel and Burger Bar. Enjoy!

  • I wish I lived closer (I’m in FL) because this place sounds wonderful! I LOVE mussels and who doesn’t love a good burger?!

    • Well next time you want a little vacation, travel on up to Louisville – there is wonderful food here! 🙂 Thanks for visiting My Life in Snippets and happy Saturday!