I never really played the whole sports game when I was younger… I was far too uncoordinated and well, I just wasn’t part of that crowd. Although I may have ran a little or played a game of volleyball here or there, this just was not a priority of mine. I studied and studied and studied and stressed out a ridiculous amount. Looking back, I wasn’t 100%.
Then I went to college. As I met and encountered and learned from new friends – I realized the incredible importance of exercise – the wonderful benefits. Having a bad day? Exercise. Having a good day? Exercise. Sweat out the yucky goo that takes over your brain and causes unwanted stress.
Running relieves my stress. I also enjoy pickup games of soccer, ultimate frisbee, and kickball. Oh! And Jillian Michael’s – but I’ll save ranting and raving about her for another day.
If you are stressed or trying to take off a few pounds or just want to try something different, I highly encourage you to go for a run. If you’re currently laughing at me claiming your inability to do so…well then go for a walk. Build up to a run! Challenge yourself! I guarantee it’ll do wonderful things for you!

Food is the most abused anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.

The picture above is of this past May – the Lansing Half Marathon. It was a blast training for…but at the finish line, I was ready to be done!