This past Friday, I was in mile three of four of my daily run and I was struggling. My breathing was off and I was cramping – I was about to slow to walk… However, another runner came towards me and stuck out her hand and with a big smile said “keep it up!” It really is the little things, because immediately my cramps disappeared and my breathing leveled out and I was actually smiling as I felt my pace increase – speeding towards home. I felt great!

Why am I sharing this small moment of happiness with you? For the simple reason that I think little things matter. Say “hello” to the people you’re sharing an elevator with, smile to the people you pass by, pay it forward… The little (mundane) things that we take time to do each day can mean so much more than the big gestures we might make.

As we go into the third week of October, let’s try to expand the number of daily “little things” we do. Not only could it change another’s mindset, but it will ultimately lead to our own increased happiness.


  • it is so true! thank you for being honest and so true to you

    • Ashlee DeLine

      🙂 thank you!