Recently, I posted a piece called Technology, Yes or No. It was here I mentioned that technology has both it’s good and bad aspects. And, honestly I continue to sit on the fence of it. I love having my blog and social media and so many technological resources at the tip of my fingers anytime I want or need them. However, I also feel myself sometimes drained with the constant badgering of technology – whether it be my email, texts, notifications, etc. Technology can be overwhelming. And it’s my job (and your job if you feel this way too), to learn how to accept, appreciate and balance my usage of it. 🙂

Today, I have decided to share some really awesome technology. This is why I think technology is cool!

Edible Water Blobs

Edible Water Blog Image Courtesy of mental_floss


Imagine a world with no more water bottles…

This is what a group at the Skipping Rocks Lab in London created. It’s called Ooho. And it could change the world.

So, how is it made? It’s not silicon, as I first thought when I saw the picture. It’s actually brown algae and calcium chloride. If you freeze water into a spherical shape and then cover it with layers of calcium chloride and the brown algae – there you have it! A water blob! Ooho!

What is the big deal? In just the United States today, we use over 50 billion plastic water bottles a day. That’s a whole lot of plastic – and all this plastic causes strain on our environment. Ooho is actually so natural, that you can eat it! I can’t wait to see where the edible water blob goes, and honestly, I’d love to see them on store shelves in the coming years.

Read more about Ooho and watch how they work here!


Breath-Tracking for Stress Management

Spire Device Image Courtesy of Business Insider


The rate at which you breath is directly correlated to your stress levels. So, if you are feeling stressed, the Spire device might be able to help.

The Spire clips onto you and tracks your breathing. It then uploads via Bluetooth to your phone (iPhone users only, for now!).

The app will then analyze your results and notify you if it has been a while since you’ve taken a deep breath.

As humans, did you know we actually hold our breath when we are stressed? That’s right, we significantly decrease the amount of oxygen we allow to our organs… as you can imagine, this really doesn’t help things…

Spire helps by not only notifying you of your lack of deep breathing, it also reminds you to get up and walk around if you’ve been sedentary for a while.

Honestly, if I had an iPhone, I would be all over this device. I’m completely in love with my Fitbit One and would love to give a stress management device a go. Plus, think of all the cool data I’d be able to analyze! 🙂

If you want to learn more, check out the full article on Business Insider.

Flying Cars

Flying Vehicle Courtesy of Tech Insider
When I came across this article, all I could think was wait, a flying car? People can’t even merge onto the freeway without fatal accidents, and now we want them to fly around? Not only this, speeding is a huge problem. I didn’t realize this until moving out of Michigan. I’ll be honest, growing up in Michigan speeding wasn’t really a thing. In fact, although five over was common – ten over would almost certainly get you pulled over and anything over that could actually result in more than just a traffic ticket. Now that I’m in Kentucky, speeding is treated very differently. It’s widely accepted – at not only five and ten but even fifteen or twenty over the limit. And, oddly enough, it never seems like anyone is getting pulled over.

But I digress…

This flying car, called TF-X by Terrafugia is fairly early on in it’s development. Hence, the rendered picture. However, this flying machine is being built to be utilized by everyday drivers and can go up to 500 miles.

Watch the video about TF-X at Tech Insider.


Checking Emails All the Time?

Okay, now for an article covering the bad of technology.

How many times a day do you check your email? Or your notifications? Well, word on the street is that humans are starting to over-check their devices.

I started using an App called Quality Time. It tracks my device usage and individual app usage during the day and sends me reports on how much time I spent using my phone the previous day. It turns out I spend anywhere from two to four hours looking at my phone daily. And unlock it over 100 times. This is a problem. And it’s not just one that I have.

This article by Business Insider cites that “we spend 13 hours of week on email and unlock our phones 110 times a day.” See, it’s not just me? 😛 Although, that doesn’t make me feel all that better.

So, what does this do to our brain? Well, the first thing it does is it causes us to lose our focus. In fact, each time you get interrupted it takes a minimum of 20 minutes to refocus. Ouch. Think of all the time wasted…

Unfortunately, it apparently gets worse… constantly checking email causes an average drop of 10 IQ points over time.

Multitasking, as cool as it sounds, is slowing us down and taking away our abilities to focus… Squirrel!

But really, the article cites that “…switching between tasks takes up to 40% longer than taking one task at a time.”

So, what can you do about it? Turn off your notifications, close out of your email at work and work to finish a task and then check your email. Take everything one at a time and get off the multitasking bandwagon!


What are your thoughts on these new technologies? Where do you see technology going? Is it good or bad? How do you manage your usage of technology in your own life? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below! 🙂

Thank you to mental_floss, Tech Insider, and Business Insider for the photos used in this post.

  • Edible water!!!! Weiiiiiird and awesome! It would be amazing to do away with plastic bottles.

    I’ve seen the spire before and I would totally try it as well (fitbit girl here too!) Taking some deep breaths now because I’m pretty sure it would be going off were I wearing one at the moment, haha.

    Definitely checking out the quality time app! I have ADHD, so single-tasking is even a crazier challenge… sounds like that would be great accountability!

    • I agree Sarah, the plastic water bottles can go away any day. And ah! Yes, I love Quality Time. It’s been a great help with getting me to “unplug”!