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This question sits very close to home and honestly, I have to sit myself on the fence.

Yes, Technology

Technology is powerful. Powerfully awesome! It’s literally everywhere. Smartphones, Computers, calculators, Printers, video games, televisions, WiFi routers, Stereo Systems, Cars, need I continue?!

Technology brings to us social media which creates ease of communication in long distances with family and friends.

Technology brings to us advanced medicine that extends the lives for patients with pain or illness. Medically, it also provides robotic arms, legs, hands, etc. to help those who have either lost a body part or those who were born without.

Technology brings us car safety. It wasn’t that many years ago when putting a car in reverse to back it up caused many accidents that likely led to fatalities. Now, we have cameras at the backs and sides of our vehicles to prevent users from backing into anything or anyone.

Technology brings to us knowledge. The Google search engine has not always been in existence… No, prior to it – people had to visit the library and likely converse with many prior to finding the answer to a question. In today’s world, we can ask Google just about anything and return countless results in the matter of a second or less.

Technology brings to us advances in the business world. Technology has put an end to many, many previously manual tasks and can now do things automatically. We have robots to put together vehicles and self checkouts to avoid need for humans to do the work. Not only is this generally efficient – it’s also incredibly cost effective.

Finally, technology has brought to the world e-commerce, which I’m a HUGE fan of. Along the same lines, it brings entertainment right to our fingertips!

No, Technology

Although there are tons of reasons in which technology is a beautiful thing, at the same time, there are also qualities of technology I dislike.

Technology can be a dangerous time-waster. If you aren’t completely in control of your habits, it is very easy to get lost in spending 4 or 5 hours a day browsing on your phone. This isn’t good for you. Just like it’s not good to sit in front of a computer for too many hours in a day or watch too much TV. (I should know as I sit in front of a computer at work for 8 hours a day – and then head for home to blog in front of the computer some more – ouch).

Even though technology automates a great deal of processes, this in turn causes many people (sometimes millions) to loose their jobs. Those without formal education, hence struggle to find replacement work – causing a downfall in our economy and a whole slew of other issues (like, homelessness).

Technology causes less self-reliance in humans. We rely so heavily on technology working…what would we do with ourselves if one week the power went out – FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK. What would you do? I think I might struggle to adjust. That would make for a fun experiment though…wouldn’t it? No TV, no phone, no computer for seven days? I feel a challenge coming on… stay tuned!

Other disadvantages include security…

Hackers (the bad one’s) are very real. They break into bank accounts and steal peoples identities. It’s not pretty and it can completely ruin a persons life.

Technology also has caused a problem in the way we communicate as humans. So many of the people I know don’t call anyone anymore…they just text. Uhm… I’m sorry, but texting and calling are two VERY different things. I am of the opinion that picking up the phone and making a call isn’t THAT challenging – and the level of communication and connection had via a phone call is leaps and bounds better than what is had via text or email. Technology impairs our senses. Sending an email or a text removes the sounds and tones we would hear in a persons voice over the phone or the images we would see and sense of touch we might have if the person was standing in front of us.

Technology actually leads to eye problems. If you are a contact-user, you likely know that looking at a computer too long can cause you to stop blinking. This results in dry eye. Dry eye is more common for some than others, but the usage of computers, televisions and phones definitely creates for added problems. Be sure to stop and look away every so often to protect your eyes…

Technology creates for less privacy. Yes, it gives us this giant community and YES it is each of our own responsibilities to put only what we feel is appropriate into the world wide web – but even still… because of this larger audience – and because of the fact that technology is literally touching all facets of life…it’s overall leading to less privacy. For better or for worse.

Cyber bulling is also a large problem with technology. People are WAY less afraid to say things over text and email than they are to say them to anothers face. It hurts. But with this  argument comes the oppositions point that bullying has always been a part of life…


You may count my good’s and my bad’s and decide that I’m opposed to technology. This is entirely incorrect. I studied it. I adore it. I use it everyday. In fact, I’m using it right now to type out this blog – for which I love sharing with my community of readers! However, it’s clear to see both sides of technology – the good and the bad. And I’m incredibly intrigued by looking for ways to find balance between technology and life.

Do you sit on the technological fence too? Share your likes and dislikes of technology and how you are (and if you are) finding ways to balance technology in your everyday life.

  • Leanne@crestingthehill

    I think technology is like the little girl with a curl – “when it’s good it’s very good indeed and when it’s bad it’s horrid” It brings so much joy but it can also create a lot of stress if we let it. It’s finding the balance that makes it all worthwhile (which may just include un-following a few people on my facebook!)

    • Balance!! YES! That is one of the most challenging things in life, but that’s what’s required 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Leanne 🙂

  • Jamie

    I enjoy a certain amount of technology, but I am very intimidated by it. My husband is always eager for the latest and greatest gadget, but I like to settle in for the long haul with an object (computer/phone) or system that I am comfortable with. I do have problems with spending too much time on social media, for sure! But on the other hand, I have met people from all over the country/world that I know I wouldn’t have otherwise met.

    So I’d say I’m on the fence, too!

    • The fence is an okie dokie place to be, Jamie – at least that’s what I tell myself 🙂 Thanks for stopping by MLIS!

  • Technology is such a tricky subject… completely agree with you that it has altered our communication in negative ways! But also is such an incredibly valuable resource as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts at Friday Frivolity last month! (sooo late catching up… but always glad to have you!! :D)

    • 🙂 No worries, Sarah! I’m impressed at your ability to leave the blogging world for the holidays – I actually aspire to be able to “shut it down”! Thanks for having me as co-host! It was such fun! 🙂