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Please note: I try to avoid spoilers at all costs…but they may still appear in the review for the two books listed, above. Be warned! Apologies!Graeme Simsion recently published The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect. My initial reaction to the bright and (in my opinion) neat looking covers, followed by an impressive star rating on Amazon and an intriguing book description all led me to download the two to my Kindle.Within the first few pages of The Rosie Project, I was chuckling uncontrollably at the main character’s (Don) quirky ways. Don is so far from the standard male main character in romantic comedies – he’s much closer (in my opinion) to a realistic description for many males out there (maybe not quite to the degree…).I will be honest, I wasn’t sure how the story would end in either…although knowing there’s a second book typically gives some clue as to how the first will turn out. Yet, the second?! I had no clue! If you’re reading this Simsion – I want book three! I want to know how Don and Rosie’s story continues! Please!Don was an incredibly complex character – yet, so entertaining! I would like to point out that in the beginning of the book, Don gives a conference on Asberger’s disease…some feel that throughout the books, Don, himself displays the symptoms of having this, while others don’t feel this way. I’ll leave it for you to decide, although I’d venture to guess that he doesn’t have it.Now, for all you males out there…this isn’t a CHICK LIT type of book. No. This is moreso a very humorous romantic comedy – a feel-good set. Give it a chance!

The characters stick with you, the pace is great, you laugh and learn – it’s a fabulous mixture of uniqueness that I highly recommend.

Have you read The Rosie Project or The Rosie Effect? What did you think?