This past week, my other half and I traveled to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We were in search of a place where we could simply relax and recooperate from our college years and where we could mentally prepare for our coming careers and plans. We wanted a stress free, warm week at the beach. For me, this meant lounging at the pool while enjoying a good book, beach-side naps and a good run every day. I certainly got what I was looking for…but not before about 36 to 48 hours of stress during the beginning of our trip.
Our original plan was to travel to Hollywood Beach, just south of Fort Lauderdale. However, our chosen place of stay was not at all what we expected or wanted. It made us question our safety, health and ultimately our ability to relax.
Of course, when presented with a problem, the logical solution is to work towards solving it. So, we (semi-frantically) made other arrangements. In the end, it worked out…and honestly, that’s really all that matters.
After relocating we enjoyed our time immensely and now feel incredibly refreshed and ready to open that next door…
Last summer, I spent twelve weeks interning at a company in Louisville, KY. I, a country- and space-loving young woman, somehow fell in love with the big little city of Louisville. On top of that, I throughly enjoyed the people I met and tasks assigned while working.
Well, early next week, I am heading for Louisville to start my career. You might say nerves, emotions and excitement are overflowing. Prior to the move I have to sort out and pack up my life… Think about that. All the accumulated stuff that I have, I need to organize and filter through. What should I take with me through this next door and what should I leave behind?It’s a question I’ve been actively working out in my mind throughout this past week. Of course, I can’t really go through my physical belongings, but I can reflect on my attitude, actions and thought processes. Have you ever done this? …taken 15 minutes or a day or more to reflect on things you have learned and such? …taken the time to sort out all the thoughts inside your brain? Some call it mental spring cleaning.

Although I’m filled with a mix of emotions, I know in my heart that I’m ready for this next adventure — and even more importantly, I’m excited for it! 🙂

When is the last time you did some mental spring cleaning? What did you take away with you? More importantly, what are you leaving behind? And what is your next adventure? Take a few minutes today to, first, breathe, and then start working toward decluttering your brain!