Traveling is incredibly important to my life. Prior to my month-long excursion to Europe last December, I was leery of traveling – especially traveling abroad. Of course, I have traveled throughout my home state of Michigan and to a few other locations…but never anything like this.

My other half and I visited London, Paris, Belgium, Berlin, Venice and Rome. Because of flight restrictions, we each only took one carry-on size suitcase and a small backpack – for an entire month! I look back now and laugh…I could have taken less clothing. Yes, there were articles of clothing I didn’t even end up wearing. This was only possible because in Paris, Belgium and Germany we were able to do laundry!

My biggest piece of advice in regards to vacationing is lay out what you think you need and cut it in half! Or try to 🙂 There’s no sense carrying around all that extra baggage when you’re trying to enjoy yourself!!

As for other vacationing advice…when you’re planning a big trip – start planning early. There were several days prior to our European adventure where we would spend the entire afternoon searching for places to stay, things to do and transportation options. However, with all this planning, once you’re on vacation – be lenient on yourself! Remember to BE on vacation. Avoid planning every hour and never be afraid to get a little lost.

My other half and I are working on plans for a skiing adventure and a backpacking trip. Do any of you have experience or recommendations?! What about other vacationing advice?

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  • Such great tips! I’m such an over-packer, so I definitely could use this advice 🙂 I always really enjoy the planning part of vacations. Thanks so much for linking up with us!

    • Planning vacations is SO much fun, Lori! Thanks for stopping by My Life In Snippets and thank you for such a fabulous Link Up opportunity!

  • I am the absolute WORST overpacker. I fill a 26 inch luggage for an all-inclusive beach vacation where all your clothing is thin and flimsy. we’re going to do a euro trip next year so I def need to work on that… lol

    • Hah! Yes, I’ve been there… in fact, if I’m not careful I could pack all day for a weekend excursion 😛 Glad you could stop in at My Life In Snippets, Jacynta! 🙂

  • I’m so jealous of your month long adventure- there is nothing like actual travel to help you learn how to pack better and more efficiently!!

    • Julie, you’re SO right! Without experience, there’s really no way to know what you’re getting yourself into…granted many travel blogs were a great help! Thanks for visiting My Life In Snippets! 🙂

  • Love this, Ashlee! Especially never be afraid to get lost! I just got back from Greece and spent a little too much time shopping one day, that was also a day meant for exploring. But when I finally had a chance to explore I was nervous I would get lost wandering around alone. Completely irrational because, technology and paper maps. 😉 Thanks for joining us for the link up! I love our community!

    • Oh, Greece!! I’m jealous! And yes, getting lost is fundamental to successful vacationing! 🙂 I love these link ups, thanks for having me and thanks for visiting My Life In Snippets, Ashley! 🙂