MLIS December 26 Weekly Roundup and Reflection

It’s December 26 already and I’m back with another Weekly Roundup and Reflection. It is here I will share the good, the bad and the ugly faves of my week.


Event Roundup

Dad's Birthday Lunch

My other half and I spent the week in Michigan this week. Well, he actually took off for Las Vegas on a 21st birthday celebration for the weekend, but then returned Monday evening. Over the weekend, the fam gathered together to celebrate my Dad’s birthday – he’s getting younger, or so that’s what he says. 😉

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The remainder of the week, right up to leaving for Christmas Eve dinner at my sister’s was work, work, and more work!

Then, came Christmas Eve with the family gift exchange and my relatively famous sandwiches. Christmas morning brought delicious cinnamon rolls and a more formal lunch time meal of Prime Rib, and other yumminess with a larger group of family 🙂 Then late afternoon came along and we traveled off to my other half’s’ Dads place for a dinner of Rabbit – again, yummm. At this point, my tummy was overflowing. #foodComa. The evening ended with a movie and a rest, well-deserved.

I love Christmas time, and I’m so excited for the break that is to come over the next few days – to just spend time with family and loved ones… it really makes me feel so very blessed.

MLIS Roundup

Somehow in the madness that is the week of Christmas I posted two blogs this week – both of which I’m doing a happy dance over 😉


Link Roundup

SO many Christmas/Holiday-related blogs were popping up this week. I loved it, but it made my decisions here difficult.


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Well, that’s all for now. Happy December 26! I’m hopeful that your week past, your day today and your week ahead are filled with happy snippets of your very own. :)

  • Such cute pics! Looks like fun times. 🙂

    • Hehe! Yes, I love spending time with family 🙂 It’s fabulous! Hopefully your Christmas time proved fun and wonderful too!!