January 16 Weekly Roundup and Reflection

Happy January 16! I’m back with another Weekly Roundup and Reflection. It is here I will share the good, the bad and the ugly faves of my week.


Event Roundup

This week has really been about getting back into the swing of things. It’s actually my other half and I’s first weekend home this weekend since December 13 :O All the weekends since have been spent in Michigan visiting family through the holidays and last weekend for my nephew, Kahler’s birthday. Craziness!

Last Sunday, was Kahler’s first birthday party. He’s actually been one since the week before, but the party was Sunday. My sister (his mother) did an amazing job putting together a Mickey Mouse themed party… and really, it was completely Mickey Mouse Clubhouse… everywhere! There were red paper plates, a giant Mickey, food named by Mickey’s friends, and of course, everyone was wearing their ears! All in all it was a fun time and I simply cannot believe the little guy is already one!

Kahler's First Birthday Party - 4

Kahler's First Birthday Party - 3

Kahler's First Birthday Party - 1

Kahler's First Birthday Party - 2

Then came Monday and the work week began again. Monday was actually my other half and I’s two year anniversary. This may not seem like a lot to you – but it is to me (us)! I look back and reflect on all the change that has taken place in the past two years and cannot imagine it going any other way… but at the same time, all that change certainly had the power to make our paths take a different route than they did. I’m incredibly blessed to have Max at my side and I’m so looking forward to the adventures we have planned for 2016! 🙂

My Other Half And I's 2 Year Aniversary

The rest of the week consisted of working and cleaning and just living life. Thursday night was game night with Max and our friend Cody. We played Crowns. Have you ever played crowns? It’s SO much fun 🙂
All in all a really good week! Can’t wait to see what the next week ahead brings.


MLIS Roundup

Link Roundup

I have to say, I was constantly saving posts this week to share here… I’m afraid it’s turned into quite the long list. But trust me, it’s worth it. And if you’re a blogger out there, pat yourself on the back – because your readers (people like me) think you’re awesome 🙂


Media Roundup

Lindsey Stirling is literally my new best friend when it comes to work. I’ve found that listening to her really has kept me going and focused! Here are three of my favorites!

Minimal Beat

Electric Daisy Violin



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Well, that’s all for now. Happy January 16! I’m hopeful that your week past, your day today and your week ahead are filled with happy snippets of your very own. :)

  • Super cute photos! And LOVE the music you posted… going to have to make a new pandora playlist! And thanks for linking to my book list!! 😀 it isn’t usually THAT long… ;P

    • Thank you, Sarah! And haha, I mean it was impressively long. As I was reading through it I was like oh this is probably the last book and then I scrolled down and it just kept going! Loved it! 🙂