MLIS January 2

It’s January 2 already and I’m back with another Weekly Roundup and Reflection. It is here I will share the good, the bad and the ugly faves of my week.


Event Roundup

Is it truly already Saturday? On top of that, can it really be the second day of 2016 already?! This week has been SO enjoyable – spending time in Michigan with family and friends for a while now has been more than I could ever ask for! This past week was, of course, filled with delicious food!

Did you see my post on Monday about Sunday’s Christmas Dinner party? It was so satisfying, my other half and I made the appetizers again the next night for dinner. Yum! Then Tuesday came and went with burgers and sweet potato fries. Wednesday I was FINALLY able to reconnect with my bestest friend from childhood and beyond as we went out to Sauce in Adrian. It’s Italian if that’s not obvious 😉 Finally, being New Years, Thursday night my other half and I went not-so-crazy by putting together a few small (practically effortless) appetizers. Of course the lack of effort didn’t make the food any less good. Finally, food on Friday was more laid back… the holidays finally caught up with our tummies! You might think I only ate this week by that list… of course, that’s not true! Food was mixed in with family, card games and other little events. For example, Monday night the power decided to go out. Thankfully it decided to come back on later in the day Tuesday! Of course, my other half and I were scrambling to come up with a way to defrost the ground beef for the burgers without power – and for a way to cook sweet potato fries on the grill. Luckily we ended up being able to use the oven! But, if you’re ever without power and need to defrost meat quickly, if you have a way to heat up water, just pour the hot water in a bowl with the covered meat in a sealed bag – works like a charm!!
Then, of course, New Years Eve was not only a night of food – it was also the night of the College Football Playoffs. Although many complained that the NCAA decided to have semi-playoffs the last night of the year – I was thrilled to watch the game! Although, my Spartans didn’t fair very well against Alabama… they had a really solid season though and as always, I’m proud to call myself a Spartan!


MLIS Roundup

Three posts made the cut this week…

I will say that many other posts are in the works. There are moments (maybe even several week-long moments) where I cannot come up with a single idea for a blog… and then there are weeks like the last few where I’m practically writing down little snippets at every turn! I’m so excited to be able to share these posts in the coming weeks with all of you!


Link Roundup

  • Now that it is 2016 are you looking back at 2015 and thinking “Ugh, it could have been better”? Or are you going through a rough patch with something? Check out Ana’s post called A Little Struggle Never Hurt Anybody! And remind yourself to keep your chin up. Per Maria from The Sound of Music “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.”
  • World of Wanderlust is practically one of my favorite blogs. I love hearing about adventure, advice and just all things travel! It’s such an inspiration! Check out World of Wanderlust’s Best of 2015 post!
  • Looking for a book to read? Check out all the books Tiffany read in 2015 and be inspired! I know I was! 🙂 #readingGoals She not only lists the books – but also rates them! How cool is that?!

Media Roundup

  • Know French? Trying to learn French? Enjoy chocolate? Watch Romantics Anonymous. It’s short, all in French (with English subtitles) and extremely adorable. Plus, it’s all about chocolate. As I’m working to learn French, I have found that listening to music or watching movies in French has been incredibly helpful! 🙂


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Well, that’s all for now. Happy January 2! I’m hopeful that your week past, your day today and your week ahead are filled with happy snippets of your very own. :)