Weekly Roundup & Reflection November 28

Happy end of November! And welcome back to week two of MLIS’s Weekly Roundup & Reflection! It is here I will share the good, the bad and the ugly faves of my week.


Event Roundup

How was your Thanksgiving holiday?! Or how was just your week?

My week flew by! Of course, as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. The first part of the week was fairly standard – work work work! Although this week there was added *stuff* on the to do list because, you know, it’s Thanksgiving!!

My other half and I traveled home to Michigan to spend some time with our families. If you can imagine – I had TWO Thanksgiving meals – Turkey AND Duck. Talk about lucky me! And then my other half added Lamb to that mix – a feast! My tummy is full, and I’m very ready to go for a long LONG run 😉 All the food is SO delicious, but it’s hard to keep up with workouts and exercise when trying to spend time with family too!

Google Hangouts Penguin Sticker

Tomorrow we will be heading back to Kentucky for a few more weeks before the Christmas festivities begin and although I am sad to leave – I’m SO happy to have come and spent time with those I love. Plus – I’d like a few weeks of recovery from all this delicious food, before a second round of food craziness occurs.

One thing I noticed this past weekend was how fast everyone grows up. Or how people get older and change. I would like to see how I change from month to month and year to year, but I think I’m too close to myself to really be able to notice. So, when I see my two nephews growing up like weeds (it’s a compliment!) it completely astonishes me. My nephew Kodi and I went into the store after the Thanksgiving festivities and he got to ride in the FRONT seat. I didn’t know he was that old. As cliche as it is, it makes me feel old 😉

And my other nephew, Kahler, although still less than a year old has transformed so quickly – I don’t think I could keep up unless I was constantly around him.

Being apart from these two – and the others that I love is difficult. Yet, I know that I make a point to be there for everyone as much as I can – and I’m very grateful for every moment I get to spend with my loved ones.

On another note, going back to Kentucky means warmer temperatures! Granted, Thanksgiving was a heat wave for Michigan! Was it for you too?

Post Thanksgiving is of course, Black Friday. And although I did go out shopping on Black Friday (and even late in the day on Thanksgiving), I didn’t fight the crowds and I wasn’t really looking for any great deals. In fact, I didn’t even end up buying anything. Black Friday has turned into a week+ event that really, in my opinion takes away from the whole point of Thanksgiving. On top of that… sure there might be a few doorbusters here or there (“First 20 people get a free TV with their purchase”) but in reality – most things have been marked up at the beginning of November and then slightly discounted. Think about it, I’m certain the stores don’t LOOSE money on Black Friday. Right?

On this note (even though I know we haven’t made it to the Link Roundup yet…) check out Stephanie’s post on how she replaced Black Friday with Contentment Friday.

The rest of the long weekend was spent with family – mainly myself and my other half chasing Kodi around in the middle of a Nerf Battle. (Sneak Peak, I lost) 😉

Kodi and Max in midst of Nerf Battle

Kodi and my other half in the midst of a Nerf battle. How about that obstacle course? 😉

Link Roundup

Lots of #Thankful links that I absolutely loved! If you don’t know, The Blogging Elite hosted a link up this past Tuesday for #Thankful posts. Check out mine here! Or go check out the others! On the other had, if you’re looking for help making a gratitude list. Check out these lists of 100 things to be thankful for: Angie at Chasing My Halo, Paula at Thirteen Thoughts 

And hey, let’s keep thankfulness in our hearts for ALL of 2016. Not just November.

This past weekend, Michigan had it’s first snow of the year, and I cannot tell you how jealous I was. Check out Lisa at Strum Simmer Sip who also had her first snow! I’ve been looking for a place to rid some of my clothing I just don’t wear anymore – but it’s still in such good condition! Well, lucky me, Lisa links to a place called threadUP. I spent a little time here and already know I love this site. I’m very anxious to try it out – not only the selling, but the buying part! Have any of you ever used threadUP? I’d love to know more about your experiences.

From a past “Need to Know” email this week: “Belgium authorities asked the public not to tweet about massive police raids, but many people did anyway, using the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown. The hashtag has now been overtaken by users posting pictures of cats, to make sure that leaks of operational details would be drowned out. Here are five of the best tweets: NPR” Literally, the best cat pictures ever. Continually praying for peace in this world. <3

Tiffany over at Endless Bliss posted a blog of recommended stocking stuffer ideas. I LOVE the gloves! What is the best stocking stuffer gift you have ever received?!

Traveling up to Michigan is almost a six hour trip – and although it’s not that terrible of a drive, it still can be taxing. Many of us travel some sort of distance for the holidays. Check out Nina’s post at Hugs and Lattes for all the BEST road trip survival tips. To her post I would add podcasts. My other half and I have found extreme entertainment and knowledge gain when listening to podcasts.

Feel a little (or a lot) stuffed? Nina recommends ways to get over the post Thanksgiving Food Hangover.


Media Roundup

Like I said, Podcasts have become a new favorite thing to do during road travel for my other half and I. So, what podcasts are the best? And how do you watch them?

I use an Android app called Pocket Casts.

A few of the channels I’m subscribed to include…

  • Stuff You Should Know – super awesome podcast with episodes about numerous different topics.
  • TED Radio Hour – summarizes and expands on TED Talks
  • Serial! – I’ve saved the most interesting for last. Although I’ve only listened to the first episode, this is a captivating series that I’m anxious to continue listening to. It’s the story of a murder. And figuring out how to prove someone innocent.

I’ve also had This American Life recommended to me – but I haven’t listened to any, yet!

Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have any recommendations for me? 🙂


Random Roundup

I’m in the midst of reading four books right now. Actually, I finished one and am in the middle of the other three (one of which I’ve previously read). (I suppose it keeps things exciting.)

  1. Don’t Make Me Think: This is the book I’ve finished. It’s focus is to share how to best design and build web and mobile applications for the best usability. Aside from coding, I find a great deal of enjoyment designing and making applications as user friendly as possible – so this book is great!
  2. 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People: I’ve only read through about 20 of these “things” but I can already say how neat they are. The author, Susan Weinschenk, does a fabulous job putting together design concepts and principles that anyone developing or creating just about anything should focus on
  3. Lessons From Madame Chic: I read this book almost a year ago on the plane to Europe – and it really hit home. In it, the author, Jennifer Scott, shares about her study abroad in Paris and what life is like for the French. I decided to pick this book back up on a whim and am so glad I did. Be sure to look for a future post on this and her other two books.
  4. At Home with Madame Chic and Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic: Yes, I know this is two books. I’ve only read a very small bit of each and I’m already beyond excited to dive in.

As I’m shopping along for Christmas presents and such – I ran across this quote by Lao Tzu:

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

It’s a good one to remember as we go into this holiday season!

Well, that’s all for now. I’m hopeful that your week past, your day today and your week ahead are filled with happy snippets of your very own. 🙂

  • Clare Speer

    Love the turkey and duck photo – is cute! And enjoy your family (seems like you are) …. time goes by quickly…. thanks for sharing your holidays with us!

    • The picture of the penguin reminds me to always be thankful for food! 😉 Thanks for visiting MLIS! 😀

  • Lovely post! I love finding new podcasts, and it looks like you have some great links too:-). Thank you for featuring my thankful post! Have fun in Kentucky!😄

    • Podcasts, really are great!! Thanks for stopping by, Angie! 🙂

  • Turkey and Duck and Lamb for Thanksgiving, oh my! I totally get the “everyone is growing up so that means I’m just getting old” at Thanksgiving time. My cousin just started college this past year and is well on his way to getting his private pilot’s license and I’m sitting over here thinking, “I remember when he was 4 and was so annoying.” Thanks for adding my post into the round up!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Haha!! I know the feeling, I feel like just the other day I could pick up my nephew and throw him in the air to his ecstatic laughter. Now, he’s so big he’s picking me up. Oh vey! Thanks for stopping by, Nina 🙂

  • My husband made us a turducken one year when all my family came to our house for Thanksgiving… it was very fun for the novelty factor, but I think in general I’d prefer my turkey and duck separate… ;P

    I LOVE your nerf obstacle course!! Those boys will remember that for forever. 🙂 And of course I’m sure you will too, but you know what I mean….

    • Turducken? I had never heard of this… now I really want to try it 😛

      And yes, I’ll remember the nerf obstacle course… I’ll also remember losing horribly against the boys, haha!